Blasted Ending, Explained: Is Kasper Alive? Where Are Audun and Stine Going?

Image Credit: Julianne Leikanger/Netflix

Directed by Martin Sofiedal, Netflix’s Norwegian film ‘Blasted’ centers around Sebastian, who joins his friends Pelle, Audun, Mikkel, and client Kasper to celebrate his bachelor party. The group arrives in the mountain valley town of Hessdalen, a famed region for UFO sightings. Originally titled ‘Blasted – Gutta vs. Aliens,’ the science-fiction film progresses through the events that change the fates of not only the five individuals but also the numerous people who live and visit the mysterious town. Since the film ends with several astounding revelations, unanswered questions, and unexpected developments, we have taken a detailed look at the same. Let us share our thoughts! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Blasted Plot Synopsis

‘Blasted’ begins with Stine, a scientist who discovers the hidden remains of an alien spaceship inside a cave. When she turns on a machine, she gets shot with a green substance that makes her possessed. Sebastian, working at a corporate company, does a pitch to an important client named Kasper. When he fails to impress the client, Sebastian invites him to join his bachelor party so that he will get more time to convince Kasper. Sebastian, Kasper, and Sebastian’s friends Pelle, Audun, and Mikkel start their journey to Hessdalen. Meanwhile, in Hessdalen, Stine makes more and more people “aliens” and forms a group.

Image Credit: Julianne Leikanger/Netflix

Sebastian, Mikkel, Kasper, Audun, and Pelle set out to participate in a local paintball competition. Even though they find the venue deserted, they play and Sebastian accidentally shoots at an unknown man. When they go to check the man, a possessed one, he attacks the group. They escape from the building but realize that their phones and the engine of their vehicle are stolen. They get into Hessdalen Observatory to call the police about the possessed man. Hjørdis, a police officer, attends their call but chooses not to believe them. Meanwhile, Stine and her associate come to the place. Sebastian and Mikkel think that they are aliens.

After leaving the observatory, Sebastian, Mikkel, Kasper, Audun, and Pelle encounter a group of possessed individuals. After a fight, Sebastian and Mikkel manage to escape from the group, led by Stine. They go to the police station and meet Hjørdis, who dismisses them again. But the police officer realizes that the two friends are saying the truth when she finds out that her subordinate officer Benjamin is possessed as well. By shooting at him with a laser gun, Sebastian and Mikkel dispossess Benjamin. The two friends leave for saving Kasper, Audun, and Pelle while Hjørdis goes to her father Georg’s store seeking safety with Benjamin.

Sebastian and Mikkel retrieve their laser guns and fight Stine’s group of supposed aliens. Meanwhile, she takes Kasper, Audun, and Pelle to the place where she became possessed. Under her watch, her group turns the abducted men into possessed beings one after the other, including Audun. Numerous possessed beings arrive at Georg’s store to attack Hjørdis, Benjamin, and Georg. Even though Georg gets possessed, his daughter manages to free him from the green alien substance. Sebastian and Mikkel arrive at the cave and find their friends, only to get captured by Stine and her group.

Blasted Ending: Who is the Alien Creature?

Upon arriving at the cave, Sebastian and Mikkel realize that Stine and her group are abducting humans to turn them into possessed beings. They also realize that whatever Stine is doing, she needs an immense amount of energy, which leads her to steal the engine from Kasper’s car. With no other options in front of him, Sebastian risks his and his friends’ lives by activating Kasper’s car’s engine, which leads to the arrival of an alien creature. The creature is an extraterrestrial entity that came to the Earth in a spacecraft, which got stuck in the cave.

Since the creature couldn’t find an energy source to revive its spacecraft, it had to stay on the Earth, unable to return to its home planet. The green substance that turns humans into possessed beings belongs to the creature. Along with making people possessed or aliens, as Sebastian and his friends identify them, the substance also makes the humans subservient to the alien creature. Stine collected the numerous car engines to use as an energy source so that she can revive the spacecraft for the creature to go to its “home.”

When Sebastian turns on Kasper’s engine, the spacecraft receives adequate energy. The creature comes out of its hidden chamber to operate the spacecraft to return home. Stine and her followers bow to it and it’s evident that the green substance makes people work for the alien being. Since the possessed beings can communicate telepathically, the creature must be able to do so to make Stine work on its spacecraft. When a laser bomb explodes, it affects the creature’s connection with its followers as the humans get dispossessed.

Sebastian and Mikkel escape from the creature with the help of Audun, who sets out to fight the creature to save his two friends. Even though Audun uses a laser gun to deal with it, it is unlikely that the giant creature would die due to laser shots.

Is Kasper Dead?

After the explosion of the laser bomb, the followers of Stine get dispossessed and they leave the cave with Pelle. Sebastian and Mikkel manage to get out due to Audun’s sacrifice as well. However, Kasper stays inside the cave, without realizing that the cave is actually the alien creature’s spacecraft. As he expects Sebastian to save him, the alien creature grabs him to it. Even though it isn’t certain that the creature kills Kasper, his fate is not in good hands. The creature may turn him into an alien using its green substance.

Image Credit: Julianne Leikanger/Netflix

Since the alien creature doesn’t display any human-eating tendencies, it can be assumed the creature will not eat Kasper right after capturing him. However, Audun’s attempts to save Sebastian and Mikkel by firing laser shots at the creature provoke it, which may have enraged it to kill Kasper. Either way, Kasper is as good as dead since he is on his way to the creature’s home planet even if he is alive. The chances of his survival as a human being on a planet of aliens may not be high enough.

What Happens to Audun and Stine? Where Are They Going?

After escaping from the spacecraft/cave, Sebastian and Mikkel believe that Audun has sacrificed his life for saving them. On the day of Sebastian and Josefine’s marriage, the duo joins Pelle and Josefine to mourn the supposed death of Audun. They even make a dummy with his face to fill his absence. However, Audun doesn’t die fighting the alien creature. In the mid-credit scene, Audun and Stine are seen alive, on their way to the home planet of the alien creature on its spacecraft. He may have used the laser gun to force the creature back into its chamber, saving himself from death.

Image Credit: Julianne Leikanger/Netflix

Stine loses her consciousness due to the laser bomb explosion and realizes that she is in her former master’s spacecraft when she wakes up. Audun, rather than sacrificing his life altogether, sacrifices his life on the Earth for the survival of Sebastian and Mikkel. Even though the creature’s exact planet is not revealed, they are heading to a celestial body where technology has progressed severely when compared to the Earth. Since the creature is still inside the spacecraft, they may even get possessed again by the green substance.

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