Bloodhounds: How Did Kim Myeong-Gil and Gun-woo Get Face Scars? Meaning, Explained

Netflix’s ‘Bloodhounds‘ is an action crime series about Kim Gun-woo, a young boxer who enters the world of ruthless loan sharks and encounters the deadly Kim Myeong-Gil. As the enmity between Gun-woo and Myeong-Gil expands with the narrative, their different personalities and ideologies are directly tied to their facial scars. Hence, viewers must be wondering how Myeong-Gil and Gun-woo got their facial scars and what they mean in ‘Bloodhounds.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Kim Myeong-Gil Got His Scar From Mr. Choi

Kim Myeong-Gil is the primary antagonist of ‘Bloodhounds.’ He is a loan shark who acts as the CEO of Smile Capital, a company that embezzles money under the guise of providing low-interest loans. Myeong-Gil is nefarious in his methods and has an entire team of ruthless debt collectors at his disposal. However, when we are first introduced to Myeong-Gil, we do not learn much about his past or rise to power. Nonetheless, a deep scar on the left side of his face hints at a tragic past that has led the loan shark down the road of villainy. It is later revealed that Myeong-Gil was a lackey who worked under President Choi when the latter was a ruthless loan shark.

The scar on Myeong-Gil’s face is deeply tied to his past with Mr. Choi. As viewers later find out, Myeong-Gil tried to take over Mr. Choi’s business after the latter decided to give up his life as a loan shark and wanted to help those in need. Myeong-Gil plotted a robbery to steal Mr. Choi’s money and gold bars. However, Mr. Choi learned of his tryst and arrived to stop Myeong-Gil and his goons. In the ensuing fight, Mr. Choi overpowered Myeong-Gil and slashed his face with a knife, leaving a deep mark that turned into a never-healing scar. However, Myeong-Gil still managed to steal some of the money. Myeong-Gil wears the scar proudly and refuses to cover it. It signifies his hunger for power and money. The scar on Myeong-Gil’s face was caused by his selfishness, representing his vengeful nature and bitter enmity with Mr. Choi.

Myeong-Gil Gave Gun-woo His Scar

Kim Gun-woo is the protagonist of ‘Bloodhounds’ and a former Marine Corps soldier who has become a boxer. In the series, Gun-woo’s mother gets a loan from Smile Capital to pay her cafe’s rent. However, when she fails to repay the loan installment, Smile Capital exploits her and tries to leverage the contract terms to gain more money. They trash her cafe, leading to a fight with Gun-woo. While Gun-woo takes down most of Myeong-Gil’s henchmen with his boxing skills, he is defeated by Kang In-beom. However, Myeong-Gil is impressed with Gun-woo’s fighting ability and offers him a job as a debt collector for Smile Capital. However, Gun-woo turns down the offer and insults Myeong-Gil for his selfishness.

Myeong-Gil is disappointed and enraged with Gun-woo’s behavior and retaliates by carving his face with a knife, leaving a deep scar on the young boxer’s right cheek. Ultimately, Myeong-Gil and Gun-woo become adversaries from this point onward. However, they are undeniably tied together since they share facial scars, albeit on different sides of their face. Nonetheless, unlike Myeong-Gil, Gun-woo uses the scar as a source of motivation to help others. It reminds him of his failure to protect his mother and motivates him to become stronger. Later, Gun-woo turns down the offer to heal his scar with surgery as it has allowed him to connect with others on a deeper emotional level. Thus, Gun-woo’s facial scar represents his tribulations, kind-heartedness, and fondness for friendships.

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