Bloodhounds Ending, Explained: What Does Gun-woo Do With the Money?

Netflix’s ‘Bloodhounds’ is an action crime series created by Jason Kim. It is based on a Korean-language Webtoon comic of the same name by Mangaka Jeong Chan. The South Korean series revolves around boxers Kim Gun-woo and Hong Woo-Jin, who team up with Mr. Choi to take down a powerful loan shark destroying small business owners. However, the duo faces several challenges and personal losses in their quest. hence, viewers must be wondering whether Gun-woo and Woo-Jin prevail against all odds and the price they pay for justice at the ending of ‘Bloodhounds.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Bloodhounds Plot Synopsis

‘Bloodhounds’ follows Kim Gun-woo, a young boxer who competes in a rookie tournament to raise money to repay his mother’s loan. The Covid-19 pandemic has strained the income of small business owners, affecting their ability to repay their loans. As a result, loan sharks such as Kim Myeong-Gil have risen in power and stature. Myeong-Gil is trying to become a part of businessman Hong Min-beom’s bid to acquire an under-construction hotel, which he wants to turn into a casino. However, when Hong resists, Myeong-Gil’s goons beat him up and recorded an embarrassing video of him.

Meanwhile, Gun-woo meets fellow boxer Hong Woo-Jin during the rookie tournament. After having dinner together, the duo quickly became friends due to serving in the Marine Corps. Although Gun-woo is kind-hearted, he is naive, but Woo-Jin’s street smartness more than makes up for it. Elsewhere, Hyeon-Ju, the granddaughter of Mr. Choi, is searching for a man who duped her grandfather. M.Choi gives out zero percent interest loans to those in need, and Yang Jae-Meyong took advantage of his kindness. However, Hyeon-Ju’s pursuit of Jae-Meyong leads her to a greater conspiracy.

One day, Myeong-Gil’s company, Small Capital, offers a loan to Gun-woo’s mother in exchange for very low interest rates. However, it is soon revealed that Small Capital embezzles money from their clients by offering low-interest loans. When Gun-woo’s mother fails to repay a loan installment, they trash her cafe, forcing Gun-woo to fight Myeong-Gil’s henchman. However, Gun-woo is defeated, and Myeong-Gil scars his face for insults hurled at the loan shark. On the other hand, Hyeon-Ju discovers that Jae-Meyong steals IDs from homeless people to take loans from sharks and hands over the money to Smile Capital.

After realizing Hyeon-Ju is pursuing dangerous people, Mr. Choi seeks to hire a good-hearted bodyguard for his granddaughter. Mr.Choi meets Gun-woo and Woo-Jin and is impressed with their nature. He hires the duo as Hyeon-Ju’s bodyguards and also helps Gun-woo repay his mother’s hefty loan with interest. Hyeon-Ju’s relationship with Gun-woo and Woo-Jin gets off to a rocky start when the boxer duo jeopardizes her plan to reach Jae-Meyong’s superior. However, Hyeon-Ju, Gun-woo, and Woo-Jin quickly bond in their shared pursuit of helping people the loan sharks torment. Soon, the trio’s investigation brings to light Myeong-Gil’s malpractices and his past with Mr. Choi.

On the other hand, Myeong-Gil learns that Mr. Choi’s people are after him. Myeong-Gil was a lackey working under Mr. Choi when the latter was a ruthless loan shark. Mr. Choi gave up his life as a loan shark to help those in need and raised Hyeon-Ju, an orphan girl, as his own granddaughter. However, Myeong-Gil took advantage of the situation and stole money from Mr. Choi, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. Thus, Myeong-Gil started his own empire. Do deal with Myeong-Gil, Mr. Choi calls Hwang Yang-jung and Lee Doo-young, his most trusted henchmen, out of retirement. However, Mr. Choi’s plan fails as Myeong-Gil’s men kill him and his henchman, leaving only Gun-woo, Woo-Jin, and Hyeon-Ju alive as they escape the house in the nick of time.

Bloodhounds Ending: Do Gun-woo and Woo-Jin Stop Myeong-Gil?

In the finale, Gun-woo and Woo-Jin are forced into hiding after Myeong-Gil’s attack that killed Mr. Choi and others. However, the boxers are quietly bidding time, increasing their strength and recovering from their injuries under the watchful eye of Mr. Choi’s partner, Mr. Oh. Soon, Gun-woo and Woo-Jin return to the mainland, planning to take down Myeong-Gil and avenge their mentor’s death. They quickly track down Hong Min-beom, believing he could be their ally since they have a common enemy. Despite the help of Hong and his policeman cousin Gang-Yong, the boxers fail to capture Myeong-Gil. Nonetheless, their efforts expose Myeong-Gil’s crimes, forcing him to go into hiding.

Ultimately, Gun-woo and Woo-Jin learn that Myeong-Gil is planning to flee the country with his money and gold using a route taught to him by former associate Kim Jun-Min. As a result, the boxers turn to Kim Jun-Min and pay him with Hong’s help to learn Myeong-Gil’s route to Vietnam. Gun-woo and Woo-Jin track down Myeong-Gil to the ship which is transporting him to Vietnam. The boxers take their last stand against the loan shark and his henchmen. In the ensuing beatdown, Gun-woo and Woo-Jin emerge on top, finally defeating their nemesis and stopping him from good. Myeong-Gil is captured and pays for his crimes while the boxers successfully avenge Mr. Choi’s death.

What Does Gun-woo Do With the Money?

After Myeong-Gil’s fall from grace, Gun-woo and Woo-Jin reclaim the gold and money he had stolen from Mr. Choi. The gold bars in their possession are worth billions and could help the boxers live a comfortable life. However, in a true Gun-woo fashion, he refuses to take the money for himself. Instead, Gun-woo decides to honor Mr. Choi’s wishes by using the money to help others. Ultimately, Gun-woo leaves the money in Hong’s care, who promises to use it to start a hospital providing free care to poor people.

Gun-woo stays true to his kind-hearted person irrespective of the circumstances. He also refuses to have his scar healed as it helps him form meaningful connections with people, which leads him to stop Myeong-Gil. However, Hong gives some of the money to Gun-woo and Woo-Jin as a token of his gratitude for their help in saving his public image and stopping Myeong-Gil from exploiting him further. In the final moments, the boxers get a happy ending as they return to their everyday life. Gun-woo reunites with his mother, and the family walks into the sunset.

Where Did Hyeon-Ju Go?

In the series, Hyeon-Ju is a crucial member of the trio that inadvertently exposes Myeong-Gil. She is an orphan whom Mr. Choi raised like his own grandchild. It was Hyeon-Ju whose machinations led to the group exposing Smile Capital. On the other hand, Hyeon-Ju also starts softening in the presence of Gun-woo and Woo-Jin and gets a semblance of a real family. However, following Mr. Choi’s death, Hyeon-Ju completely disappears from the scene and cuts ties with the boxers. Before leaving, she writes to Mr. Oh, explaining that she is moving to Rome. The death and carnage from the conflict with Myeong-Gil leave Hyeon-Ju emotionally broken. As a result, she decides to leave the country and fulfill her promise to Mr. Choi. Ultimately, the heartbreak of losing her grandfather causes Hyeon-Ju to give up her vigilante life, mirroring Mr. Choi’s life choices as she values peace over conflict.

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