Bloodhounds: Netflix Action-Drama Is Based on a Webtoon

Netflix’s ‘Bloodhounds’ is an action crime series that follows the story of Kim Gun-woo and Hong Woo-Jin, two boxers whose circumstances force them to enter the dangerous world of loan sharks. However, they soon encounter a powerful enemy whose nefarious plot threatens to destroy small business owners’ fragile economic ecosystem. The South Korean series directed by Kim Joo-hwan balances its high-octane action with emotional storytelling through relatable characters. As a result, viewers must be wondering if ‘Bloodhounds’ is inspired by real events or a true story.

The Inspiration Behind Bloodhounds

No, ‘Bloodhounds’ is not based on a true story. The television series is based on a Korean-language Webtoon comic of the same name created by Mangaka Jeong Chan. The comic series was first released online on the Naver Webtoons platform on May 19, 2019. It contains ten chapters (or episodes), and the final chapter was released on December 24, 2020. The series was later translated into English and other languages. The comic tells a primarily fictional story that revolves around three individuals who get embroiled in the dangerous world of private loans and loan sharks. The comic was adapted for television by writer-director Joo-hwan Kim, better known as Jason Kim.

In an interview, Kim opened up about the show’s creation and adaptation of the source material into a television series. The writer-director explained that real-world incidents influenced the show’s narrative despite it being based on a preexisting comic book. Kim revealed that the Covid-19 pandemic and its socioeconomic effects on South Korea played a key role during the show’s development and informed several of the character’s motivations and arcs.

At a press conference, Kim stated that he was a fan of the original Webtoon by Jeong Chan. He was excited by the idea of adding the pain and strife caused by the COVID-19 pandemic to its story. “I liked the original work, and I thought that by adding action to the contemporary pain of the COVID-19 era, we could create a genre film that many people can relate to and feel pleasure in. I particularly wanted to talk about (the) revenge, hope, and justice through the passion of young people,” he said at the press conference.

Kim has also stated that loan sharks in the series are representative of the real-world scenario that ensued in South Korea during the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on small business owners. However, the writer-director also highlighted that the show’s primary theme is of good triumphing over evil. The same is evident in the characters of Kim Gun-woo and Hong Woo-Jin, who value their morals, while the loan sharks have no morality or empathy for the people they are taking money from under the guise of helping them. As a result, the show’s primary conflict is between forces of good and evil, albeit in a contemporary setting with the socioeconomic backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ultimately, ‘Bloodhounds’ is not based on a true story. It tells a fictional story based on the Webtoon comic of the same name, borrowing characters and narrative outline from the source material. However, the show’s writing team modifies the characters’ motivations and backstories. It also incorporates the real-world after-effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially its impact on small business owners and the rise of loan sharks that adversely affected the socioeconomic climate. However, it also tells a heartfelt tale of morality and hope, allowing viewers to emotionally resonate with the characters and their journey.

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