14 Best Movies About Boxing on Netflix (April 2024)

Sports movies come and go in waves, but one sport never dies in cinema, and that is boxing. Boxing movies are constantly evolving and are surely getting better with time. Look back and think about the time when it all started with the Rocky Balboa movies. Fast forward a few years, and now you have films like ‘Creed’ and ‘Southpaw.’ What makes most of us watch these movies is their intense portrayal of the sacrifices made by the characters, their growth of mental and physical strength across the span of the movie, and mostly those extreme and grueling training scenes that show the true potential of human ability with some heavy bass music spinning in the background. For those looking for stories that move and inspire them, Netflix offers some of the best in the genre.

14. We Are Legends (2019)

This is a story of two orphaned brothers underscored by their mutual love for boxing. We have Jack (Edward Ma Chi-wai) and Bunny (Lam Yiu-sing), who have been a part of a boxing gym since they were kids and have grown up to be skilled martial artists. However, while Jack makes himself known through competitions and sets a record, Rabbit becomes a king of street fights. How their different paths cross is what the movie shows while exploring their relationship with each other and with those close to them. Directed by Daniel Yee Heng Chan, ‘We Are Legends’ is loosely based on the life story of MMA fighter Xiong Dixin. You can stream the movie right here.

13. Bruised (2020)

Directed by Halle Berry, ‘Bruised’ is a visceral and empowering sports drama that marks Berry’s directorial debut. The film follows disgraced MMA fighter Jackie Justice, portrayed by Berry herself, as she seeks redemption both in and out of the cage. Jackie battles personal demons and confronts her tumultuous past while striving for a comeback in the brutal world of mixed martial arts.

‘Bruised’ delivers intense fight sequences, complemented by Berry’s emotionally charged performance, showcasing resilience and determination. The film not only explores the physical demands of the sport but also delves into themes of self-discovery, redemption, and the unyielding spirit of a fighter. You can watch it here.

12. Brothers (2015)

In the film ‘Brothers,’ director Karan Malhotra crafts a poignant narrative of familial bonds tested in the unforgiving arena of boxing. Akshay Kumar and Sidharth Malhotra deliver compelling performances as estranged siblings drawn into a high-stakes world of pugilism. What sets ‘Brothers’ apart as a standout boxing movie is its meticulous attention to character development, enriching the narrative with emotional depth.

The film skillfully combines heart-wrenching family drama with intense and realistic boxing sequences, ensuring that each punch thrown carries not only physical impact but also resonates with the complexities of the brothers’ relationship. This dual focus on emotional storytelling and visceral action makes ‘Brothers’ a compelling and memorable entry into the boxing genre. You can watch the movie here.

11. Isi & Ossi (2020)

‘Isi & Ossi’ is a German rom-com directed and written by Oliver Kienle. At its core, the film presents a heartwarming tale of two diametrically opposed individuals – Isabelle Isi Voigt, a billionaire’s daughter, and Oscar Ossi Markowski, a struggling boxer. Played by Lisa Vicari and Dennis Mojen, their initial interactions are rooted in mutual advantage, but as the story unfolds, they discover a deep bond.

Set against the picturesque backdrop of Heidelberg and Mannheim, the film delves into their dreams, challenges, and the lengths they’d go to support each other. Isi’s aspirations to be a chef clash with her family’s expectations, while Ossi grapples with personal and financial obstacles in his boxing journey. Their journey of love, support, and self-realization, peppered with moments of comedy, is what makes ‘Isi & Ossi’ a delightful watch, rightfully securing its spot on the list. You may watch the film here.

10. Untold: Jake Paul the Problem Child (2023)

This documentary film directed by Andrew Renzi is based on the life of pro boxing champion Jake Paul and how he achieved this feat. Through archival footage, interviews of people, including his family members, and words from Paul himself, the film takes a deep dive into the person’s relentless lifestyle, starting with being a YouTuber and going on to become a professional boxer. For those of you who want to find out what brought about this radical change in Paul’s career, you can stream the film here.

9. Big George Foreman (2023)

‘Big George Foreman’ is a biographical sports drama movie directed by George Tillman Jr. The narrative brilliantly showcases George Foreman’s life, embodied by Khris Davis, tracing his steps from his poverty-stricken beginnings to an Olympic Gold medalist and onto the World Heavyweight champion title. The film dives deep into his infamous Rumble in the Jungle fight with Muhammad Ali and how faith became his sanctuary, leading him to become a preacher.

Later in life, driven by financial challenges, Foreman returns to the boxing ring at the age of 45, making history. With a talented cast including Jasmine Mathews, John Magaro, Sullivan Jones, Lawrence Gilliard Jr., Sonja Sohn, and Forest Whitaker, this film is an inspiring testament to resilience and faith. Big George Foreman solidifies its spot on this list as it encapsulates the very spirit of boxing, determination, and redemption. You can check out the film here.

8. Counterpunch (2017)

In the year 2017, the sport of boxing seemed to have lost its way when the US boxing team won absolutely no medals at the Olympics. The film takes an interesting and unique approach to filming a boxing documentary. The film shows the lives of three up-and-coming boxers who box on three different platforms. It follows their journey after the loss at the Olympic games. The ones who love the sport of boxing will truly be drawn towards this as it goes back and forth between some boxing-related information and also the stories of the three boxers. The movie also reminds us that, like everyone else, these boxers are also real people with real-life problems and struggles. You can watch ‘Counterpunch’ here.

7. Mary Kom (2014)

While making boxing movies has always been quite a common theme in the sports genre, not too many movies have been made about female boxers. ‘Mary Kom’ is one of those few movies featuring the true story of an Indian Female Boxer. ‘Mary Kom’ is a Bollywood Film starring Priyanka Chopra that narrates the truly inspiring story of a woman who overcomes all odds, breaks through every stereotype, and proves all her naysayers wrong by following her passion. Mary Kom not only became one of the greatest boxers in the history of Indian boxing but also became a big name in the world of international boxing after she proved to be the only woman boxer to have won the World Amateur Boxing Championship six times. You may watch the movie here.

6. Untold: Deal with the Devil (2021)

‘Untold: Deal with the Devil’ is a biographical documentary that revolves around the American boxer Christy Martin. Active from 1989 to 2012, she won numerous laurels as well as tournaments and also held the WBC female super welterweight title in 2009. However, even while rising to prominence and glory inside the ring, her life outside was overshadowed by personal demons and controversies. The documentary aims to explore every bit of her life and even portrays how she overcame horrifying abuse and attempted murder on her way to becoming the champion. You may watch ‘Untold: Deal with the Devil’ here.

5. Knuckle City (2019)

Written and directed by Jahmil X.T. Qubeka, ‘Knuckle City’ is a South African sports film. The film begins in 1994 when siblings Dudu and Duke learn about the harsh realities of life from his father. Art Nyakama tells his children that they must protect and provide for their family despite regularly cheating on his wife with teenagers. Dudu and Duke grow up exactly what their father wanted them to be. Dudu becomes a moderately successful boxer, while Duke embraces the life of a criminal. Before either of them knows it, it’s 2019, and they are confronted by young blood in their respective fields. ‘Knuckle City’ mainly received positive reviews following its release and was South Africa’s official entry in the Oscar race. You can stream the film here.

4. The Champion (2020)

This Polish biographical drama is based on the life of Tadeusz Pietrzykowski, a Polish boxer/soldier who garnered a lot of popularity during his time as a prisoner in multiple Nazi camps during World War II. After Germany invaded Poland, Pietrzykowski was arrested and tortured in prison. His first camp was the Auschwitz concentration camp (1940), following which he was moved to other camps, including Neuengamme and Salzgitter. During all this time, he became immensely popular among the prisoners as well as the German soldiers for his long string of victories. He was liberated in 1945 from a camp in Bergen-Belsen and went on to become a boxing instructor. ‘The Champion’ features Piotr Głowacki as Tadeusz Pietrzykowski and has been directed by Maciej Barczewski. You can stream it here.

3. Blood Brothers: Malcolm and Muhammad Ali (2021)

Based on the 2016 book ‘Blood Brothers: The Fatal Friendship between Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X’ by Randy Roberts and Johnny Smith, ‘Blood Brothers: Malcolm X & Muhammad Ali’ explores the complicated relationship that two of the stalwarts of the African-American community shared over the years. Their friendship has been depicted in various other projects, but in ‘Blood Brothers,’ it is at the center of the narrative. The filmmakers interviewed close friends of both men and added archival footage documenting some of the greatest moments of their lives. Inevitably, the film moves toward depicting the eventual disintegration of the friendship and its aftermath. You can watch the movie here.

2. Bayonet (2018)

‘Bayonet’ revolves around Miguel “Bayoneta” Galíndez, a retired boxer who is haunted by a horrifyingly tragic incident from his past. Hoping to escape the horror, Miguel chooses to leave Mexico and settle down in Finland. However, the change in scenery does nothing, and Miguel continues to grapple with the demons of his past. However, fate suddenly offers him a chance at redemption inside the ring, and Miguel, jumping at the opportunity, channels all his strength into the one thing he loves the most: boxing. Feel free to check out the movie here.

1. Southpaw (2015)

Jake Gyllenhaal goes all in for his role as light-heavyweight boxing champion Billy Hope in this compelling Antoine Fuqua directorial. Everything is perfect in Hope’s life, be it personal or professional, but all of it changes in the blink of an eye. Dead wife, drug addiction, suspension from boxing, daughter taken away by Child Protective Services, and homelessness; all of this happens to him in less than a year. Will Hope be able to find the hope and courage to stand back up and fight for himself and not any belt? Alongside Gyllenhaal, ‘Southpaw’ stars Rachel McAdams, Forest Whitaker, and Naomie Harris. You can watch it here.

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