8 Best Movies About Boxing on Netflix Right Now

Sports movies come and go in waves but one sport never dies in cinema and that is boxing. Boxing movies are constantly evolving and are surely getting better with time. Look back and think about the time when it all started with the Rocky Balboa movies. Fast forward a few years and now you have films like Creed and Southpaw. What makes most of us watch these movies is their intense portrayal of the sacrifices made by the characters, their growth of mental and physical strength across the span of the movie and mostly those extreme and grueling training scenes that show the true potential of human ability with some heavy bass music spinning in the background.

Why do you think “Eye of the Tiger” gets you all fired up when you’re working out. It’s a great song but we associate it with the memory of Sylvester Stallone training and that itself is enough to get us all charged up. Some will probably never appreciate the struggles of a person who is committed to his/her sport and might even find the whole idea of punching and getting punched for money downright stupid. But for those who know the value of discipline and the value of earning one’s lost respect, we’ve created a list of really good boxing movies on Netflix that are available for streaming.

8. Sparring (2018)

We’ve seen enough movies about starry, flashy and dramatic stories of successful boxers. But what about the underdogs who are struggling equally to stay afloat? ‘Sparring’ shows the story of one such underdog. There are no limelights or glamour that comes with winning in this one. The movie reflects the painful reality of one such unsuccessful boxer who has no wins on his record and decides to become a sparring partner just keep his head above the water. This movie may not really be as inspiring as the other boxing movies we know, but it does give us a taste of the cruel reality of life and how it can be unfair sometimes.

7. Counterpunch (2017)

In the year 2017, the sport of boxing had seemed to have lost its way when the US boxing team won absolutely no medals at the Olympics. The film takes an interesting and unique approach to filming a boxing documentary. The film shows the lives of three up-and-coming boxers who box on three different platforms and follows their journey after the loss at the Olympic games. The ones who love the sport of boxing will truly be drawn towards this as it goes back and forth between some boxing-related information and also the stories of the three boxers. The movie also reminds us that like everyone else, these boxers are also real people with real-life problems and struggles.

6. Mary Kom (2014)

While making boxing movies has always been quite a common theme in the sports genre, not too many movies have been made about female boxers. ‘Mary Kom’ is one of those few movies featuring the true story of an Indian Female Boxer. ‘Mary Kom’ is a Bollywood Film starring Priyanka Chopra, that narrates the truly inspiring story of a woman who overcomes all odds, breaks through every stereotype and proves all her naysayers wrong by following her passion. Mary Kom not only became one of the greatest boxers in the history of Indian boxing but also became a big name in the world of international boxing after she proved to be the only woman boxer to have won the World Amateur Boxing Championship six times.

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5. Untold: Deal with the Devil (2021)

‘Untold: Deal with the Devil’ is a biographical documentary that revolves around the American boxer Christy Martin. Active from 1989 to 2012, she won numerous laurels as well as tournaments and also held the WBC female super welterweight title in 2009. However, even while rising to prominence and glory inside the ring, her life outside was overshadowed by personal demons and controversies. The documentary aims to explore every bit of her life and even portrays how she overcame horrifying abuse and attempted murder on her way to becoming the champion.

4. Ali (2001)

Muhammed Ali is a name recognizable to most, as people are aware of his incredible achievements inside the ring. However, in his actual life, Ali had to face numerous obstacles and navigate rocky roads in order to reach the top. ‘Ali’ aims to chart out the boxer’s successful career between 1964 to 1974 and even documents some of his most famous championship fights. However, the movie also doesn’t shy away from the truth and is also quite open about the controversies Ali had to live through in order to gain the fame he has today.

3. Warrior (2011)

Warrior revolves around former marine Tommy Riordan as he returns to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to visit his estranged father. There, Tommy tries his hand at fighting, and he realizes he has a gift after he manages to knock out a professional MMA fighter in minutes. With the video of the fight going viral, Tommy enlists the help of his father as a trainer in order to enter a competition, although he isn’t keen to make amends. The narrative then switches to Tommy’s estranged older brother, Brendan, who is a struggling MMA fighter and has trouble making ends meet. Brendan, too, decides to enter the same tournament, hoping his fighting skills will help save his family from ruin. However, things come to a head when both brothers realize they will be facing each other, and viewers are left questioning if the ensuing fight will help heal their relationship.

2. Tiger, Blood in the Mouth (2016)

‘Tiger, Blood in the Mouth’ revolves around veteran 50-year-old boxer Ramon, who is quite contented in his life. He has a successful career, a happy family and even keeps in good shape after working out in the gym daily. However, his perfect life is thrown out of focus when Debora, a young aspiring boxer, joins the same gym. Ramon finds himself obsessed with the new boxer and soon finds himself indulging in sexual fantasies surrounding her. Debora, too, gives in to his advances, and the two begin a steamy affair that spells destruction for Ramon’s personal life.

1. Bayonet (2018)

‘Bayonet’ revolves around Miguel “Bayoneta” Galíndez, a retired boxer who is haunted by a horrifyingly tragic incident from his past. Hoping to escape the horror, Miguel chooses to leave Mexico and settle down in Finland. However, the change in scenery does nothing, and Miguel continues to grapple with the demons of his past. However, fate suddenly offers him a chance at redemption inside the ring, and Miguel, jumping at the opportunity, channels all his strength into the one thing he loves the most, boxing.

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