7 Best KDramas on Amazon Prime Right Now

Korean TV shows have a special place in people’s hearts, especially those who like syrupy tales about love and relationships. However, a variety of content from South Korea has taken the world by storm in recent decades. Be it dark thrillers, romantic comedies, action-packed shows, sitcoms, or historical dramas – Korean TV series undoubtedly belong to a category of their own. Therefore, fans constantly seek out options on different streaming platforms that are available to us. And in case you are looking for Kdramas on Amazon Prime, we’ve got a list of excellent recommendations!

7. Café Midnight (2020-)

Each season of ‘Café Midnight’ maps out the journey of new characters in two episodes. However, all these storylines revolve around the titular café that runs from midnight to sunrise. The first season follows Jae-young, who responds to a job advertisement that leads him to the café. There, he has a life-changing experience.

In season 2, Ah-young quits her job due to mounting pressure. After giving in her resignation, she decides to go on a trip to nowhere in particular. Soon, she chances upon the mysterious café in area B23, located where a guest house is supposed to be. The show’s third edition is a coming-of-age tale where a high school boy sees his future.

6. Saimdang: Memoir of Colors (2017)

‘Saimdang: Memoir of Colors’ is a romance drama, where the events in the series take place across two timelines. The entertaining fantasy series follows an art history lecturer who stumbles upon a diary of a historical figure. The journal reveals the mystery of an ancient painting and offers a glimpse into the life of the famed poet and artist — Shin Saimdang.

5. Flower Boy Next Door (2013)

Based on Yoo Hyun-sook’s webtoon ‘I Steal Peeks At Him Every Day,’ this romantic comedy-drama centers upon an unusual love triangle. Dok-mi is shy, reserved, and avoids stepping out of her house. However, one day, she catches a glimpse of Han Tae-joon, who lives across the street. As she begins to develop feelings for the man, Dok-mi is unaware of the fact that another neighbor – a webtoon artist – Oh Jin-rak, has been in love with her for a very long time. The series derives its name from the webtoon that Jin-rak creates for Dok-mi.

4. A Witch’s Love (2014)

‘A Witch’s Love’ is a romantic show that is reportedly a remake of the Taiwanese series titled ‘My Queen.’ It revolves around the romance between 39-year-old news reporter Ban Ji-yeon and the 25-year-old owner of a small errand center, Yoon Dong-ha. While Ji-yeon is a highly motivated and career-driven woman, Dong-ha seems to have lost the drive and has put a pause on his professional ambitions due to a personal tragedy. What connects these two are their painful pasts in their respective love lives. So, while the two couldn’t be more different, they can’t help but be drawn to each other.

3. Playful Kiss (2010)

The romantic-comedy television series titled ‘Playful Kiss’ (alternatively titled ‘Mischievous Kiss’ or ‘Naughty Kiss’) is based on Tada Kaoru’s Japanese manga ‘Itazura Na Kiss.’ It is the third television adaptation of the manga. Despite garnering low ratings in South Korea, the show built a solid fan following in other countries.

The series follows a down on luck girl named Oh Ha-ni, who is nothing like her crush Baek Seung-jo – smart, confident, and popular. However, the former embarrasses herself by writing Seung-jo a letter. Moreover, the house she and her father live in collapses. As if things weren’t awkward enough already, Seung-jo’s family invites them in and offers them a place to stay. As Ha-ni and Seung-jo spend more time together, things take an interesting turn.

2. Oh My Ghost (2015)

Yet another fantasy romance drama, ‘Oh My Ghost’ revolves around Na Bong-sun, a talented sous chef who is quite self-conscious. But what is truly special about her is her ability to communicate with ghosts. Bong-sun’s life takes a surprising turn when a seductive ghost takes possession of her body. Now, Bong-sun’s new personality attracts a lot of attention from people, including her crush, the star chef Kang Sun-woo.

1. Queen and I (2012)

The science-fiction drama pivots around the romance between actress Choi Hee-jin and a time-traveling scholar Kim Bung-do. The former – who belongs to the 2012 timeline – is starting out on a promising journey in her professional life. In contrast, the scholar from the Joseon era is the only surviving member of his family that was killed in a bloody massacre resulting from political issues. The frequent change of settings and the fun chemistry of the lead characters make the show a fun watch.

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