Blown Away Season 4: Where Are the Contestants Now?

Image Credit: David Leyes/Netflix

Glassblowing is perhaps one of the most delicate and dangerous works of art out there and has naturally drawn the fascination of many. Hence, each and every artist seen on Netflix’s ‘Blown Away‘ has always earned much praise due to their dedication and creativity. In season 4 of the show, the world was introduced to some of the best glass blowers. Their ability to shape glass into art has helped them garner many fans who are not only eager to share their well-wishes but are also curious about the current whereabouts of their favorites.

Morgan Peterson Has a Studio of Her Own

Winner of ‘Blown Away’ season 4, Morgan Peterson’s art may be on the dark side, but it never fails to impress those who lay their eyes on it. Inspired by pop culture, true crime, and satire, she also enjoys other forms of art that help her bring her imagination to life. Based in Seattle, Washington, Morgan is currently affiliated with Chihuly Studio as a Glass Blower and Artist. She also seems to have a studio by her own name, where she has taken up various roles as a glassblower, fabricator, artist, and cold worker.

Ryan Thompson Enjoys Teaching Others

With his delicate handwork and one-of-a-kind vision, Ryan Thompson blew everyone away with his art and landed a position in the finals of the show. Even in the past, he has received accolades like the 2014 NICHE Award, and he remains dedicated to his craft. Primarily, the reality TV star enjoys making drinking vessels that can easily mesmerize anyone. A resident of Toledo, Ohio, he is presently working for Greenfield Village Glass Shop. When not making pieces of his own, Ryan enjoys imparting his knowledge to others, especially if it is the Venetian style of glass blowing, which is quite partial towards, and with a good reason!

Jonathan Capps is a Father of Two

Thanks to his immense skills in the glassblowing industry, Jonathan Capps has earned much respect from others. Based in Colombus, Ohio, he presently serves as a University Lecturer for The Ohio State University, having started doing so in August 2016. He is also the owner of the brand JC Glassblower, which is dedicated to his work as an artist. Jonathan’s artistic vision has also helped him in his role as the Gallery Assistant for Hawk Galleries. On a more personal note, the artist is happily married and is a father of two children, a son and a daughter.

Karen Willenbrink Johnsen is Happily Married

Karen Willenbrink Johnsen has a reputation in the glassblowing industry that precedes her. Her charming personality and unique style of glassblowing have allowed her to earn many admirers. Happily married to celebrated toolmaker Jasen Johnsen, Karen and her husband enjoy traveling the world and exchanging knowledge about their crafts. Primarily, Karen is based in Seattle, Washington, and has been affiliated with Pilchuck Glass School. Having taught and showcased her knowledge in over 15 countries, Karen remains dedicated to her craft, and her passion is evident in each piece that she has made till now.

Gemma Hollister Has a Boyfriend

With a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Glass from The Tyler School of Art and Architecture, Gemma Hollister has showcased just why she is not to be underestimated when it comes to glassblowing. Not only is she one of the co-owners of Antolini Glass, but she has also exhibited her work in five different exhibitions, two of which were solo. With various scholarships and the Windgar Lamar Fellowship of 2022 under her belt, it is hardly a wonder that Gemma is proud of all she has achieved over the years. One of her biggest supporters is Tate Newfield, who is her boyfriend and the co-owner of Antolini Glass.

Ryan Blythe is a Business Owner

A resident of Seattle, Ryan Blythe’s vibrant glass pieces have earned him much praise over the years. Previously, he was working for The Rainier Glass Studio but left the establishment in December 2022. As for writing, he happily works for himself in his own glassblowing studio called Blythe Glass Art and Design. The reality TV star enjoys spending time with his friends and co-workers, especially when trying to bring his creative vision to life. Over the years, Blythe has showcased his work at numerous events and remains hopeful about continuing on the path to success.

Leana Quade Lives in Pittsburgh

Talented artist Leana Quade has been working in the glassblowing industry for well over two decades. Not only has she been affiliated with names like Pilchuck, Penland, Corning, Chrysler, Haystack, and the Pratt Fine Art Center, but she has also had the chance to showcase her work internationally in countries like Belgium, China, Italy, and Norway. Presently, she is a Part-Time Instructor for Pittsburgh Glass Center. Quade enjoys sharing her art with the world and the process that brings her glass pieces to life.

Arthur Wilson Enjoys Teaching Glassblowing to Others

With a solid foundation and an impressive career, Arthur Wilson’s skills as a glassblower are evident for all to see. His colorful and delicate pieces have helped him establish a name for himself, having presented his art at various exhibitions. Over the years, Arthur has taught many classes, often enjoying the process of helping others bring their creative vision to life. This has not only bolstered his career but has also helped him appreciate glassblowing even more as time passes by.

Robert Burch is Passionate About Reducing Carbon Emissions

Splitting his time between Colorado, North Carolina, and New York, Robert Burch has always been a creative person and is quite passionate about glassblowing. However, he has also explored other forms of art and creation methods. Whether it is building a tiny house, working on motorcycles, serving as an LED Technician, building a coffee house in a gondola, or something else, his primary focus has always been on bringing his vision to life. Robert is also quite passionate about minimizing any unsustainable practices in his work. This is one of the main reasons behind his affiliation with Jackson County Green Energy Park, which has prided itself on its concern for the environment.

Hayden MacRae Has Founded A Glass Studio

Despite his relatively short time on the Netflix show, Hayden MacRae continues to leave his mark in the world of glassblowing. He is one of the co-founders of Fascapple Glass, along with Carli Castle. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Hayden is known for making pieces in various styles, shapes, and colors that have helped him impress many across the world. He is also known for his teaching and managing skills when working with Fascapple Glass. Those interested in learning from the reality TV star can do so by contacting his company.

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