Blue Lights Season 3 Starts Filming in Belfast in the Spring

The filming of the third season of BBC’s police procedural series ‘Blue Lights’ is set to begin in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in the spring. Declan Lawn and Adam Patterson, the head writers of the show, return to pen the third installment, with Gilles Bannier on board as the director. BBC is yet to announce the release date of the second season of the crime drama. The fourth installment of the show is currently in development as well.

In the first season finale, tensions escalate as Jen battles to save Gerry’s life after he is shot by Sully. Stevie and Grace make a bold move by arresting MI5 agents Rachel and Mark, only to face interference from Jonty, who orders their release. However, Grace manages to secure crucial evidence on an SD card, revealing the truth behind Gerry’s shooting. Nicola leverages this evidence to force senior intelligence operative Joseph to betray criminal family members James and Mo. Tragically, Gerry succumbs to his injuries, turning the case into a murder investigation.

As the first installment concludes, Gordy accepts a plea deal and enters witness protection, while James, Mo, and Anto are incarcerated. Jen’s confession to Jonty and Nicola’s ultimatum leads to a cascade of consequences, including Jonty’s impending resignation. Stevie chooses to remain with the team, Tommy partners with Annie, and McNally steps into Jonty’s role. Meanwhile, Jen makes the difficult decision to resign from the force, marking a tumultuous conclusion to the season.

The upcoming second season follows Grace, Annie, and Tommy as they grow up fast as police officers but nothing can prepare them for the hardships they face day after day. After the fall of the McIntyre crime gang, rival gangs fill the vacuum and they compete for dominance. “Constable Shane Bradley is drafted in to help but his motivations are unclear. Tommy is dangerously seduced by the world of intelligence policing, while Grace struggles to deal with her son’s absence and growing feelings for fellow officer Stevie. As a young loyalist threatens to take over the city, the officers face a major gangland feud – culminating in a violent and devastating confrontation,” further reads the official logline. The third installment’s narrative will depend on the events in the sophomore season.

Hannah McClean is set to return as Jen in season 2, along with Siân Brooke, Katherine Devlin, and Nathan Braniff, who continue to portray Grace, Annie, and Tommy, respectively. Joining them are Joanne Crawford as Helen McNally, Andi Osho as Sandra Cliff, Paddy Jenkins as Happy Kelly, Desmond Eastwood as Murray Canning, Jonathan Harden as Jonty, Andrea Irvine as Nicola Robinson, and Frank Blake as Shane Bradley. Most of the main cast members are expected to feature in season 3 as well.

Belfast continues to serve as the principal location of the police procedural series. Northern Ireland has previously hosted the shooting of globally renowned productions such as ‘Lift‘ and ‘Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves.’

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