Blue Lock Episode 16 Recap: Tri-Fusion

In the sixteenth episode of ‘Blue Lock’ Barou, Isagi, and Nagi try to get along with each other and start training for the next game. Meanwhile, Reo is focused to play a game against Nagi’s team so that he can take revenge against his friend, who decided to leave him behind. When he gets the opportunity, Reo challenges Isagi and his team which sets the groundwork for another exciting face-off between two very exciting and well-rounded groups of players with varied skills.

Reo Desperately Wants His Revenge

After Barou joins Isagi and Nagi in their room, he tries to boss his new teammates around. But Nagi is also inflexible and does not want to give Barou too much authority. Interestingly, Isagi notices that Barou likes to keep things very organized and feels that it is this small habit of hyper management ultimately helps the disciplined training that makes him such a wonderful player. When the trio trains together, Barou starts with a forty-five-minute intense workout. Although it seems absurd, Isagi joins him since he desperately wants to be on par with his new teammate.

Meanwhile, Reo, Chirigi, and Kunimagi are also training hard for their upcoming game. They feel that most good players have already made it to the next round. Later while having his dinner, Isagi sits down with Barou to make him understand the importance of teamwork but it seems that his new friend is too selfish to pass the ball to anyone else. When they go to take bath, Isagi and his teammates meet Reo’s team. While Barou, Nagi, Chigiri, and Kunigami are getting along nicely, as soon as Reo notices his old friend, he immediately challenges them to a match.

Without even thinking for a second, Isagi accepts the challenges. Before the match, Isagi’s team discusses their strategy and he realizes that he will have to play the critical role of ensuring that his teammates get along with each other. Interestingly, when the topic of picking a player in case they win comes, the three of them select three different players which show their conflicting approach toward the game. But despite that, they keep their differences aside and prepare themselves for the important match.

Who Scores the First Goal in Reo, Chigiri, & Kunimagi Versus Isagi, Nagi, & Barou Game?

As he walks onto the field to play the crucial game against Reo, Chigiri, and Kunigami’s team, Isagi feels that he can’t feel fear anymore. He realizes that his performance in the previous game is probably the main reason behind his confidence. Meanwhile, Rego and his teammates are also pumped up for the crucial game. When the game begins, Isagi feels that Barou is going to play a critical role and his gameplay will ultimately decide the fate of the game. Interestingly, Barou starts off in his usual manner, but Kunigami is prepared to tackle him.

Reo’s team has come up with a strategy in which they will closely guard Barou so that he does make the usual angles from his shooting range to score a goal. Since Kunigami is physically strong, he is able to hold his position and manage to succeed in not giving Barou any room. Meanwhile, Isagi continuously pleads with his teammate to pass the ball but just as he had expected, Barou refuses to do so. Reo notices this and decides to use this to his advantage by surrounding Barou. Two players are naturally too much for Barou, who ends up losing the ball to Reo.

Since Nagi is in the attacking position well ahead on the other end of the field, Reo and Kunigami move forward with the ball to score the goal with Isagi as the only defender. Isagi tries to analyze Reo’s movements to figure out whether he will try to score himself or pass the ball to Kunigami. He eventually appears to pass in Kunigami’s direction but it turns out that he gave the ball to Chigiri who was rushing from behind.

Although Chigiri gets to the ball, Nagi is following him very closely. He has to slow down a bit to get possession of the ball and Nagi tries to use this opportunity to close the distance. But eventually, it turns out to be a useless exercise as Chigiri’s on-field acceleration is unmatched in Blue Lock. Therefore, he easily manages to march ahead and scores the first goal of the match giving his team a crucial lead.

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