Blue Lock Episode 17 Recap: Donkey

In the seventeenth episode of ‘Blue Lock,’ Isagi’s team tries to make a comeback after Chigiri has given his team a one-goal lead. Unfortunately, Isagi and Nagi soon realize that Barou is refusing to cooperate with them which leaves the responsibility of winning the game to the two of them alone. Meanwhile, Reo and his teammates continue to score one goal after another, putting their opponents in a terrible position. Faced with such a crisis, Isagi evolves his game to a new level that just leaves everyone in awe.

Isagi and Nagi Fail to Play With Stubborn Barou

Just after Chigiri scores the first goal, Isagi, and his teammates have a chance to make a comeback since they get the ball possession. Isagi recalls the importance of blind spots and field positioning. When he analyzes the field with such an outlook, he feels that there are countless goal-scoring opportunities that he can see. Isagi chooses to pass the ball to Barou and turns his body counterintuitively when faced with Reo, which allows him to fool his opponent.

Isagi uses the rare chance to rush toward the goal and with Reo far behind him, opens a great opportunity to level the score. Unfortunately, Barou refuses to pass the ball and Kunigami with Reo manages to get possession. This puts Reo’s team at a great advantage and they easily manage to score the second goal. Now that Isagi, Barou, and Nagi are two goals behind, cracks begin to appear in their gameplay. Nagi rightly tells Barou to pass when necessary but he refuses to listen.

At this point, Isagi knows that he holds the key to glue the team together and continues to worry about creating some magic using the weapons his teammates have. Instead of passing the ball to Barou this time, he scoops it to Nagi, who shows incredible ball control and manages to score a beautiful goal that leaves everyone in awe. Now that Isagi sees some hope, he approaches Barou and asks him to be more flexible.

Sadly, Barou is too stubborn to listen to any rational arguments and refuses to play as a team. He goes as far as saying that he would rather die than play with someone else. This shows Isagi that there is no point in discussing anything with Barou, so he focuses on the game instead. When the game starts, Reo shows incredible game awareness and uses Chigiri and Kunimagi’s skills to his advantage to help his team score the third goal.

Isagi now knows what he has to do and tells Nagi that they have to win without Barou since he is refusing to play as a team. Using his genius of adaptability, Isagi turns the game on his head by making Reo’s team think that he is going to pass to Barou. Just when his opponents rush toward Barou, he passes the ball to Nagi. Again Reo’s team makes the mistake of assuming that he is going to try and score the goal but Nagi passes the ball back to Isagi who scores the second goal of the game.

With a one-goal lead, Reo’s team starts the game believing that they still have an advantage. Although Barou gets the possession, he fails to keep it for long when two players attack him. Luckily, Isagi has been waiting for this opportunity and steals the ball as soon as he gets the chance. Chigiri feels that tackling him will be the right move but Isagi remains calm and gives an incredible pass to Nagi who turns it into the third goal for his team.

How Does Chigiri Evolve His Game?

When Nagi and Isagi manage to score the third goal for their team and equal the score with their opponents, it becomes very evident to Reo and his teammates that the two of them are controlling the field now without Barou’s help. This is alarming since they look invincible at this point and if Barou joins them then they will easily win the game. Therefore, when Reo’s team gets possession following the goal, they know they must score the fourth goal and take a lead.

Chigiri realizes that relying primarily on their weapons alone could be a huge mistake since Isagi and Nagi know their gameplay inside out. Therefore, evolution is now a necessity. When Chigiri gets the ball, he realizes that his slowing down while receiving the ball puts him in a vulnerable state following which Nagi gets the chance the catch his pace. In such a scenario, the first touch becomes extremely important and Chigiri knows that it will be the difference maker.

Instead of slowing down to collect the ball, Chigiri uses a delicate touch to keep the ball moving in a way that he does not have to slow down. This works since Nagi realizes that he can no longer keep up with Chirigi’s pace. But interestingly, Barou has managed to get ahead of Kunigami at this point and tries to tackle Chigiri to stop him. This turns out to be a futile attempt since Chigiri easily manages to counter and score the critical fourth goal for his team.

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