Blue Lock Episode 18 Recap: The Stage for the Lead

In the eighteenth episode of ‘Blue Lock,’ Isagi scores the much-needed equalizer against Reo’s team, just when his side is on the verge of defeat. Barou is overwhelmed by the pressure on him and goes through a state of shock. He struggles to come to terms with the fact that Isagi and Nagi have dominated the game despite his presence on the field. The desire to dominate leads to a chain of events that results in Barou’s awakening.

Isagi and Nagi Overwhelm Barou

After Chigiri scores, the fourth goal for his team, Nagi and Isagi realize that they can’t allow their opponents to get another goal. With their backs against the wall, Nagi and Isagi know that they have only each other since Barou is inflexible and has outright refused to play for the team. But just when Isaki and Nagi are thinking about their strategy, Barou takes a direct shot at the goal but the ball hits the pole and does not go into the net.

Kunigami rushes to take possession of the ball but soon realizes that Nagi is just behind him. He then tries to give a pass to Reo but Isagi ruins everything. In order to ensure that Isagi does not get the ball, Reo goes for a tackle and the ball ends up right in front of Barou. Since Chigiri immediately runs towards Barou, he is forced to pass the ball to Isagi, who in turn scores a brilliant goal. For the first time in his life, Barou feels that he is not the center of attention on the field.

The despair of defeat and the realization of being outclassed is too much to bear for someone of his caliber. He finally realizes what his teammates must have felt all these years passing the ball to him. In order to score the final goal, Reo’s team plans to pass the ball to Chigiri, who would be standing ahead of the others. When the game resumes again with the ball in Reo’s possession, Isagi has already adjusted the man-to-man marking in a manner that would make it difficult for his opponents to score.

Reo adjusts his pass but Nagi manages to see through the trick thanks to the team’s brilliant planning and cuts off the ball. He then passes the ball to Barou, who has just realized that he can’t let Nagi and Isagi dominate in his presence. Instead of setting a goal for his teammates, Barou evolves his game to another level with his incredible dribbling and scores the winning goal for his team.

Who Will Isagi Pick From Reo, Chigiri, & Kunigami’s Team?

After winning the game against Reo’s team, Isagi runs straight to Barou to give him a high-five. Naturally, Barou is infuriated and grabs his teammate by the collar. He then warns him now to call him a donkey ever again. Isagi has used the insult several times in the heat of the game, so he immediately apologizes for it. Nagi then jumps on his teammates to celebrate the win.

When asked about his ability to dribble past three really good players, Barou reveals that he was not really aware of his skill and it simply came to him when he needed it the most. He then also adds that he had always thought that the field belonged to him but that changed when Isagi and Nagi dominated in the recent game. In such an instance, he was pushed to evolve and find a way to survive, so he ended up figuring out a way to dominate again.

Meanwhile, Reo and his teammates are left frustrated by the result. They look back at the crucial moments in the game and bemoan the fact that things did not go their way. According to the rules, Isagi and his team now have the power to pick one of the three players from Reo’s team. Chirigi has given Isagi’s team a lot of trouble because of his fast running speed on the field.

Even in the final moments of the game, Isagi and his teammates were concerned that the ball will get to him and they will lose. This clearly shows that Chigiri gave them the most trouble. Strategically, they are most likely going to pick Chigiri. But Nagi has expressed his desire to pick Reo if they win. Although Isagi may consider Reo, there is a very high chance that he will eventually pick Chigiri, who has been brilliant throughout the game.

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