Blue Lock Episode 20 Recap: Super Link-Up Play

In the twentieth episode of ‘Blue Lock,’ Isagi’s team finally faces Rin’s team again after the humiliating defeat they suffered in the previous round. Although Rin’s team has Bachira now, Isagi’s team scores the first goal and gives their opponent the much-needed reality check. But this only motivates Isagi’s opponents even more and they score two consecutive goals to take the lead. When Nagi realizes that he can be the final piece to the puzzle which is defeating Rin Itoshi, he turns his game around and produces magic on the field.

Isagi Plays Against Rin One More Time

Just before the game begins, Aryu and Chigiri get introduced to each other on the field and end up realizing that they would be a great match-up for the game. Similarly, Nagi decides to go against Rin Itoshi to test his skills while Isagi and Barou prepare themselves to face Bachira and Tokimitsu respectively. When the game starts, Rin’s team is quite confident of winning but the tables soon turn. Bachira started the match with the ball in his possession.

With his superior dribbling, Bachira was smartly moving closer to the goalpost. When two players surrounded him, he tried to give a pass to Tokimitsu but Isagi managed to read the game so well that he cut off the pass mid-air. He then proceeded to give a great pass to Nagi. But Nagi realized that Rin Itoshi was standing between him and the goal. Therefore, he gave a one-touch pass to Chigiri, who then turned it into a goal.

All of a sudden, Isagi’s team of underdogs was looking extremely strong but this only excited their opponents who are immensely talented. But the game soon started changing one more time. Jyubei with his incredible athleticism played a crucial role and helped Rin Itoshi finally get possession of the ball. Then the game changed rapidly and Rin tricked every single player of team white with his trick shots. Ultimately when there was no one guarding the goal except the goalkeeper, Rin scores an easy goal.

As the game starts again with Isagi’s team having possession of the ball, they march forward well with Chigiri playing a key role. But Rin again proves himself one step ahead of everyone by cutting off a beautiful pass and giving the ball to Bachira. Now, Bachira tells Jyubei to focus on the trajectory of the ball, implying he should use his height advantage and take the ball well before it reaches the ground. That’s exactly what he does and scores an incredible goal with a header giving his team a 2-1 lead.

How Does Nagi Evolve His Game?

After Aryu Jyubei scores the second goal for his team with Bachira’s assistance, they finally get a one-goal lead on Isagi’s team white. The thrill of the competition excites Isagi but Nagi feels left out. He can see Rin and Isagi going at each other trying to get their teams an advantage but he hasn’t been able to pull off anything special until now. He recalls his journey with Reo that led him to Blue Lock and prepares to start the game with the ball in his team’s possession.

After the ball gets to Chigiri, Nagi notices Isagi reading the field and putting himself in the best possible spot for a pass. Although he has no idea how Rin and Isagi are seeing the game, he feels that their understanding is on par and the difference maker has been the physical skills. Therefore, Nagi realizes that he can be the final piece to the puzzle and give his team the edge they need.

As he rushes on the field parallel to Chigiri, team red players panic and try to cover him. When Chigiri passes the ball, Nagi outsmarts everyone by just allowing the ball to go to Isagi and not taking possession himself. Isagi realizes that the stage has been set for a game-changing goal and he immediately passes the ball to Nagi who has covered a lot of distance in the last few seconds.

But even in this scenario, Rin is able to process the strategy and react immediately. As Nagi sees Rin rushing toward him, he knows exactly what he needs to do. He turns the ball exactly when his opponent closes the distance and immediately takes a direct shot at the goal. The goalkeeper is not quick enough to react and this turns out to be team white’s second goal and the equalizer that they desperately needed.

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