Blue Lock Episode 23 Recap: Those Five Players Have Passed

In the twenty-third episode of ‘Blue Lock,’ titled ‘Those Five Players Have Passed,’ Rin scores the final goal for his team and wins the game. To end their unbeatable run and complete the five-man team, Rin and his squad selects Isagi after noticing how well he had done in the game against them. After the match, Jinpachi Ego talks to the players and congratulates them for passing the second selection. He then proceeds to lecture them about the importance of luck in a game and finally talks about the third selection.

Rin’s Team Selects Isagi

Just moments after Bachira shoots the ball toward the opposition’s net, Isagi manages to block the almost perfect goal. He has anticipated that his former teammate is not going to pass the ball and that is exactly what happens. However, after the ball hits his leg, Isagi can longer control where it lands. But to everyone’s surprise, it lands directly at Rin’s feet, who scores the fifth goal for his team to end the match. Isagi is shocked since he cannot fathom how Rin could have possibly anticipated the ball’s location once it hit his leg.

After the end of the game, Isagi’s team is naturally heartbroken as they came really close to beating the best team in Blue Lock. But to everyone’s surprise, Rin stops his teammates from selecting a player from the opposition and picks Isagi to join his team. This is not shocking at all considering the fact that Isagi was probably the best player on the field apart from Rin. Before he walks away with his new team, Isagi tells Chigiri and others that he will look forward to playing with them again.

Later that day, Rin’s team finally gets to hear from Jinpachi Ego after a long time. He talks about the importance of luck in a game and how one’s choices eventually matter a lot in a situation where people believe that everything is out of one’s control. He takes the example of the previous and points out that Rin consciously ran in Isagi’s direction, assuming that the ball after getting deflected could possibly end up at his feet, which is exactly what happened.

Ego agrees that there were a lot of other possibilities too but then argues that only in Rin’s position one could have scored a goal. Isagi has not thought about the match in such a manner and feels that he still has a long way to go if he wishes to level up with Rin. But Jinpachi’s explanation does appear to make sense to Isagi and it seems that he is probably going to inculcate it into his game in future matches.

What Happens in the Third Selection?

After discussing how luck plays a role in the sport, Jinpachi Ego then talks about the third selection and goes into the intricate details about the same. For the first time since their arrival in Blue Lock, the players realize that they are now going to have a training camp with the world’s top players. To kick things off, the selected individuals will first play a five-a-side game against the World five in just 24 hours.

The players that will be arriving at the Blue Lock for the game include Spain’s Leonardo Luna, England’s Adam Blake, Argentina’s Pablo Cabassos, Brazil’s Dada Silva, and France’s Julian Loki. Isagi and others discuss briefly these opponents that they are all set to play in a few hours. That’s when they notice that Rin is not in the room. Isagi later finds him doing yoga cooldown and meditation alone. Since he wants to become as strong as him, he immediately joins him, hoping that the experience will teach him something new.

However, in his quest to appear as strong as Rin, Isagi loses balance and falls to the ground. Luckily, he does not get injured in the process. The following day, the five players who have passed the second selection finally find themselves standing next to the World five. Rin does not waste any time in letting them know that he is there to win. After the initial altercation ends, the game starts. As soon as Bachira gets the balls, he showcases incredible dribbling skills to outclass Argentina’s Pablo Cabassos and eventually gives an incredible cross to Rin, who scores the first goal for his team.

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