Blue Lock Season 1 Finale Recap: Which Players Pass the Second Selection?

In the twenty-fourth episode of ‘Blue Lock,’ titled ‘The Time Has Come,’ Rin and his ragtag team of high schoolers start the game against the World Five by scoring the first goal. But things only go downhill from there on as they are dominated in every department for the rest of the match. After returning to their dormitory, Isagi and his teammates are just discussing the match when they learn that the second selection has concluded. But they are completely clueless that the Football Association plans to end the Blue Lock project which forces Jinpachi Ego to put the fate and dreams of these young players on the line by creating a special deal.

Blue Lock Season 1 Finale Recap

In the first few minutes of the match against World Five, the ragtag team of teenagers manage to draw the first blood when Isagi, Rin, and Bachira together score a beautiful goal that wakes up their opponents. Unfortunately, that turns out to be the only thing they get to celebrate since the international players start taking the match seriously. From then on everything goes downhill for Rin and his team as the World Five scores five consecutive goals to easily win the game. Except for Rin, no player on the field does not even believe that they belong there. Meanwhile, Jinpach Ego is fighting another battle.

The Football Association feels that the Blue Project is aimless and as the parent complaints have piled up they are seriously considering the future of the whole thing. To make matters worse, Ego spends millions to get the World Five play with the ragtag team of highschoolers that he has created, which only infuriates the board members. When the association arrives at the decision to end the Blue Lock project, he takes the leap of faith and challenges Japan’s U-20 team for a match. If his team wins, Ego gets to hijack the Japanese national team and if he loses, Blue Lock project will end immediately.

Which Players Pass the Second Selection? What Happens to Kunigami?

When Isagi and his team are discussing the match against the World Five, they suddenly hear the announcement that the second selection has finally concluded. Based on their timing of selection, all 35 players are then asked to assemble in the central joint room. Since Isagi, Rin, Bachira, Tokimitsu, and Aryu are the first five to make it to the third selection they are the ones who get there first.

Isagi is concerned for his team Z friends but is forcing himself to face any situation since he knows he is at Blue Lock where only the best survives. The next team to reach the central joint room comprises Nagi, Chigiri, Tsurugi, Kiyora, and Barou. Eita, Aiki, Kenyu, and Haruhiko form the third group. The fourth and fifth team comprises Endoji Akira, Tsunazaki Taiga, Haiji Shizuka, Hiiraki Reiji, Nanase Nijiro, Niko, Ishikari Yukio, Hiori Yo, Saramadara Kairu, and Nishioka Hajime.

It turns out that Hajime sustained an injury while playing against the World Five so he does not come to the central joint room with the team. The sixth team includes Raichi, Gagamaru, Wanima Junichi, Tanaka Shigen, and Shiguma Kyohei. Isagi finally feels a lot more excited since a few of his team Z teammates have finally made it to the third selection. But still, Kunigami is nowhere to be found and that really concerns him.

Knowing how talented he is, Isagi feels that he deserves to be with the rest of them but he is also well aware that nothing is guaranteed at Blue Lock. When the final group arrives, Isagi is shocked to see that it includes Igaguri, Sokura Tetsu, Kurona Ranze, Mikage Reo, and Shidou Ryusei. This means that Kunigami is eliminated from Blue Lock, which is a hard pill to swallow for all of his team Z friends.

How Does Ego Plan to Save Blue Lock?

Isagi is barely coping with the news when Jinpachi Ego addresses the 35 players who have made it to the third selection. These footballers are informed that the Football Association is hell-bent on ending the Blue Lock project which can be disastrous for everyone’s careers. Therefore, Jinpachi challenged them to a match.

The next selection will now take place three weeks from now in which the top 11 players from Blue Lock will play against Japan’s U-20 team. If they lose, the Blue Lock project will end, but if they win, they get to hijack Japan’s national team. But before the big match, the players will be divided into three teams to play against Blue Lock’s top six which comprises Nagi, Shidou, Rin, Karasu, Otoya, and Yukimiya.

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