Bobby Buffet: Where is Monster Factory’s Hurley A Jones Jr Now?

Image Credit: Bobby Buffet/Instagram

Wrestling fans across the world are sure to fall in love with the insight that ‘Monster Factory’ provides into the world of this entertaining sport. The Apple TV+ documentary series is well-known for documenting one of the most prominent wrestling schools in the US and for telling stories of underappreciated athletes who give it their all to rise to the top.

One such student is Hurley A Jones Jr, AKA Bobby Buffet, whose journey as a wrestler truly captivated the hearts of the audience. Naturally, people are quite eager to learn more about the entertainer and his current whereabouts. Luckily, here is everything we know about the same!

Who is Bobby Buffet?

Bobby Buffet grew up in Plainfield, New Jersey, and became a student at Plainfield High School in 2012. During his high school years, he was an active football player. However, Bobby shared that after his graduation in 2016, he struggled to keep pace with the changes in his life. “I remember when I graduated high school, sh*t got real, real fast. I was superrr depressed and was wasting my life away and didn’t care about anything,” he shared in an Instagram post.

“I went from 285 solid, playing football to 350 and crazy out of shape. I was big most of my life but never thought I’d be over 300, let alone halfway to 400. I needed to change,” Bobby added while talking about his time after school. This was when he joined Monster Factory and soon became one of its best students. While coach Daniel McDonald, AKA Danny Cage, had doubts concerning Bobby because he was “out of shape,” the young man dedicated himself to bettering himself and proving his mettle as a wrestler.

Any wrestling fan familiar with Bobby Buffet cannot help but cheer for the wrestler when he enters the ring. With a unique presence and moves that have been named after food, the wrestler easily captures the attention of the viewers. Even his entrance music is his own creation which only adds to his persona. In October 2021, he even claimed the title of Monster Factory Pro Wrestling(MFPW) Heavyweight Championship title, which he still had during Monster Factory’s 2022 showcase.

Where is Bobby Buffet Now?

As of writing, Bobby continues to thrive in his career as a wrestler within the independent circuit. He started 2023 with a bang by fighting Xander Alexander on January 21, 2023, at the Factory Reboot event. Those who are fans of Bobby’s special moves and entertaining personality can avail of the wrestler’s official merchandise at ProWrestlingTees’ official website. The Apple TV+ star is always happy to promote himself and his merchandise via social media and has recently even started to talk about his time on the documentary series.

When not defeating his opponents in the wrestling ring or refining his art, Bobby works within the fast food industry. He has been the Manager of Dairy Queen in Plainfield since April 2019 and even works as a Shift Leader for the Grill and Chill section. As for his musical work, those interested can listen to the artist’s songs via platforms like Spotify, YouTube, etc. The wrestler is quite close to his mother, Anissa Jones, who is always happy to support her son in his creative ventures. We wish Bobby the best for the future and hope to see him grow in the wrestling industry.

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