Danny Cage: Where is Monster Factory Owner Today?

‘Monster Factory’ is an Apple TV+ documentary series that provides viewers with a unique insight into the world of entertainment wrestling. The coaches, students, and professionals that feature in the show are all dedicated to bettering themselves, and their stories are nothing short of motivational. One of the central figures in the series is Daniel McDonald AKA Danny Cage, who is in charge of the running of the school known as Monster Factory. Given his work within the chosen field, there are many people eager to learn more about the instructor and his current whereabouts.

Who is Danny Cage?

Born on December 19, 1973, in Cinnaminson Township, New Jersey, Danny Cage became interested in becoming a wrestler at the young age of 12. He avidly watched televised fights and became highly interested in being trained at Monster Factory, which was located near his house. At the time, his parents were going through a divorce, and Danny’s father told him he would put his college fund toward his wrestling training should he get in good shape.

Determined, Danny continued to better himself and even passed his 1994 tryout, which was conducted by Larry Sharpe and Glenn Ruth. However, the aspiring wrestler’s father apparently refused to invest money into Danny’s training. According to the Apple TV+ show star, his father stated that he had not expected him to qualify. Danny did not return to the training facility for the next few years until his friend Toad encouraged him to back and pursue his dreams. Motivated and with some financial backing, Danny paid his own way through wrestling training after joining Monster Factory in September 1998.

As a wrestler, Danny was well-known in the circuit and was praised for his stunts, though his mother, Cecile McDonald, didn’t always enjoy watching them. However, in 2002, Danny injured his back severely and had immense pain and movement issues. He did make a comeback but ultimately retired in 2005 after a match with Michael Cuellari, AKA Q. T. Marshall. Following his career as a wrestler, he continued to work at his job with a telephone company. But after a conversation with Larry Sharpe, with whom he reunited after a few years, Dany realized he might still be able to work in his dream field but in a different role.

In 2011, he became a Monster Factory co-owner and helped relocate the school back to Paulsboro, New Jersey. After this, Danny became the sole owner of the organization and has helped numerous aspiring wrestlers through his coaching skills. As an instructor whose rate of converting students into professional wrestlers is nothing short of awe-inspiring, Danny is an icon in the wrestling industry. However, some do find his methods and actions to be unconventional.

Danny Cage is Focusing on Family Today

As of writing, Danny continues to coach students at Monster Factory. Joining him in this endeavor as some amazingly talented individuals like Brian Heffron (AKA The Blue Meanie), William Wiles (Billy Wiles), and Q. T. Marshall, who each have their own roles to play in the growth of the school. The coach continues to promote the Apple TV+ series via social media and is certainly happy about being able to share his story and that of his pupils.

Danny is happily married to Tracy McDonald and has been with her for more than 20 years. The couple has two beautiful daughters whom they love very much and who, in turn, adore their parents. In the first season of the documentary series, we learned that Danny’s mother, Cecile, had been diagnosed with cancer. We are saddened to share that this amazing woman passed away shortly after the 2022 showcase event set up by Danny on June 30, 2022. The wrestling coach continues to miss her presence in his life but is determined to continue on his path and make a life that his mother would surely be proud of.

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