Bob’s Burgers: The Movie: Everything We Know

‘Bob’s Burgers’ is the one of the more recent animated show about a suburban family that enjoys tons of popularity. Its series premiere was a massive hit with 9.39 million viewers having tuned in. Unlike its counterparts, ‘Family Guy’ and ‘The Simpsons,’ ‘Bob’s Burgers’ is known for its family-friendly comedy that does not rely on unbelievable stupidity, slapstick or crude humor to please viewers. Next year, the show’s characters will be migrating to the silver screen for ‘Bob’s Burgers: the Movie’ and we couldn’t have asked for a tastier announcement for 2020.

If the television series is anything to judge by, the movie’s story will have a massive heart and tons of warmth. Continue reading to find out more details:

Bob’s Burgers: The Movie Cast and Characters: Who is in it?

Like most animated movies based on television series, the characters are going to be voiced by the same artists who lend their voice to the TV show. For instance, H. Jon Benjamin voices the character of Bob Belcher. Benjamin is known for lending his voice to several animated shows including ‘Archer’ where he voices the titular protagonist, ‘Family Guy’ where he plays Carl Graves and ‘Dr Katz, Professional Therapist.’ The character he voices is the head of the Belcher family. A loving father and husband, he enjoys taking care of his restaurant and his family but hardly smiles.

Moreover, the character of Bob’s wife, Linda is voiced by John Roberts. The fact that Roberts voices a female character only proves his voice-over talent. But he is not the only male artist in the movie and show’s cast who essays a female character. Linda is significantly more optimistic than Bob and more of a go-with-the-flow kind of person whose personality contrasts with Bob’s in a complementary manner.

Tina Belcher is another female character whose voice is lent by a male voice-over artist, Dan Mintz, who is also by a comedian. The eldest child of Bob and Linda, Tina is a socially awkward teenage girl whose insecurity is very relatable.

On the other hand, Louise Belcher is the youngest Belcher family member with a cynically naughty personality and a characteristic bunny ears cap. She is definitely the most fun character on the show and is voiced by John Roberts, another male voice-over artist.

The Russian-American artist, Eugene Mirman voices the character of the Belcher family’s middle child, Gene: a friendly and carefree boy.

Bob’s Burgers: The Movie Plot: What is it about?

As stated earlier, the movie is based on the Belcher family from the animated television series, ‘Bob’s Burgers.’ The series follows the family’s adventures in a seaside community in an unnamed town in the United States. The head of the family, Bob runs a local burger joint along with his wife with assistance from his children: Tina, Louise and Gene. Their town is filled with wacky and memorable characters that make recurring appearances.

Each episode follows a self-sustained narrative which is humorous and family-friendly. While details for the movie’s plot have still not been released, we can safely say that it is going to be one long and entertaining adventure. The movie will mark the second film based on an animated series by Fox: the first one being ‘The Simpsons Movie.’ Since ‘The Simpsons’ pretty much follows the same premise: a suburban family in a fictional town, we might expect ‘Bob’s Burgers: The Movie’ to follow a similar cinematic route as well.

‘The Simpsons Movie’ revolves around Homer accidentally polluting his town’s lake and as a result, leading to the town of Springfield being imprisoned under a giant dome by the Environmental Protection Agency. While we don’t know what adventure the Belcher family will go on, we do know that we will finally get to see why Louise (one of the most beloved Belcher family member) always wears her iconic, pink bunny bears cap. So, we can assume that the movie will have some flashback scenes. Moreover, the film is reportedly going to be a musical and fans of the series would be able to recount multiple instances when the Belcher family shook a leg and broke into a song.

Bob’s Burgers: The Movie Crew: Who is Behind It?

Loren Bouchard serves as the producer of ‘Bob’s Burgers: the Movie.’ He created the animated series that the movie is based on. Apart from that, he has also created shows like ‘Lucy, the Daughter of Devil’ and ‘Home Movies.’ He also serves as the creator for the upcoming animated show for Apple TV, ‘Central Park.’

Michael Matzdorff reportedly serves as the editor for the movie, assisted by Cris Mertens. Ruben Hickman handles the production design while Graham Wyn Jones serves as the storyboard artist.

The production companies backing the project include 20th Century Fox Animation, Buck and Millie Productions, Wilo Productions and Bento Box Entertainment. The film is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

Bob’s Burgers: The Movie Release Date: When Does it Premiere?

‘Bob’s Burgers: The Movie’ is scheduled to release on July 17, 2020. So, mark your calendars for the Belcher family will definitely go on their biggest adventure till date.

Bob’s Burgers Trailer:

A trailer for ‘Bob’s Burgers: the Movie’ is yet to be released. However, you can check out the following video which serves as the trailer for the tenth season of the TV show. Don’t worry if you’ve not seen the series as the video has no spoilers and is just a neat and funny introduction to the Belcher family.

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