12 TV Shows You Must Watch if You Love ‘Archer’

Best known for H. Jon Benjamin’s drunk voice acting (well he sounds drunk), Archer is a rare series that you can enjoy even if you don’t particularly like animated comedies. With captivating performances from Judy Greer, Aisha Tayler, and Amber Nash, Archer is a one-of-a-kind TV series that has everything you need – dark comedy, sarcastic remarks, quipping one-liners, and a brilliant ensemble.

If you are a fan of animation and subtle comedy, Sterling Archer is the one for you. Here is a list of shows similar to Archer that are our recommendations. You can watch some of these movies like Archer on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime.

12. Moonbeam City (2015)

A parody directed at 90s cop shows like Miami Vice, Moonbeam City is about an irresponsible, stupid, and egotistic cop called Dazzle Novak (Rob Lowe). In his pride to become the best crime fighter in the city, Novak works with his polar opposite the level-headed and logically competent Chrysalis (Kate Mara) who more often than not has to suffer the consequences of her partner’s incompetence. Amidst the comedy filled encounters of this unlikely cop trying to take down his nemesis watch a Xerox copy of Sterling Archer trying to prove why he is more stupid than his counterpart spy.

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11. Chuck (2007-2012)

Stanford dropout Chuck (Zachary Levi) is a brilliant computer service expert who works in an electronic store defeated by his life. Chuck’s big break comes when an accident involving his Stanford roommate, results in a super secret computer database of the NSA and CIA getting embedded in his brain. Now the NSA and CIA have no option but to send their best agents to work with Chuck to bring down various threats to the country’s interest. The comedy comes out from Chuck trying to balance his secret escapades and his everyday life consisting of some loser friends trying to put him down.

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10. American Dad (2005-Present)

Focusing on the eccentric and cheeky lifestyle of CIA agent Stan Smith, American Dad is an Emmy nominated adult-themed animated sitcom. With Seth Mcfarlane in the titular character, the series follows the life of Stan, a CIA agent who has to deal day-in-day-out with his weird family and the threats looming over the country. The relationship and dynamics between the different family members like his wife, their teenage daughter Hayley, a speaking goldfish, and a master of disguise alien is what gives the series it’s unique entertainment quotient and cheeky humor.

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9. Castle (2009-2016)

Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) is a bestseller mystery writer whose only kick in life comes from writing about adventures that others have around him. His own life becomes an unending adventure when Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) a sexy and die-hard NYPD detective walks into his life. Due to a misunderstanding, the two unlikely partners cross paths and end up working together for the NYPD solving crimes side by side. A not-so-different police procedural drama, the spice is added to the series by the ever-changing relationship between Kate and Castle as well as the unique elements that Castle’s writing career brings to the plate.

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8. Frisky Dingo (2006-2008)

In the absence of a credible super-villain, superhero Awesome X aka Xander Crews is forced to leave crime fighting to exhume his company out of the depths. Being a billionaire playboy and superhero at the same time, Xander had used all his wealth to support his night escapades. But now that he has eliminated every threat in the city he stands at a crossroad. Luckily a new super-villain Killface bent on taking down the world using his Annihilatrix comes out in the open. Comedy ensues when Killface decides to loot money from Xander leading to a funny and entertaining clash between two stubborn personalities.

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7. Sealab 2021 (2000-2005)

A parody directed at Sealab 2020 -a 70s Cartoon Network show- Sealab 2021 is centered around a government research vessel called Sealab which operates underwater in the year 2021. Though the primary duties of Captain Hank Murphy and the crew are to research marine life and fauna, they usually spend time bickering among themselves. So much time underwater has supposedly driven the captain insane which the team doesn’t seem to notice. They continue to follow his orders often leading the crew to disasters or their deaths. The series is a perfect combination of Hanna-Barbera style animation and dark yet entertaining comedy which is a must for the fans of a series like Archer.

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6. The Mentalist (2008-2015)

Starring Simon Baker and Robin Tunney, The Mentalist is a dark themed noir with police procedural and spy plotlines mixed with the elements of supernatural and psychic powers. Patrick Jane, a hippy, trained to fool people with his precise deduction powers poses as a psychic until his wife and only child are killed by a scorned serial killer. To avenge his family and find the killer, Jane joins the California Bureau of Investigation where he uses his supposed psychic powers to catch killers who otherwise stump the team. The element of sarcastic and dark humor makes this series a must-see for fans of Archer.

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5. Family Guy (1998-Present)

Another one of Seth MacFarlane’s animated brilliance, Family Guy a funny and entertaining series that is sure to tickle your funny skeleton, if you know what I mean. Having won three Primetime Emmy awards, this series has gradually achieved cult-classic status since its unveiling in 1998. Featuring the dysfunctional Griffin family consisting of Peter (Seth MacFarlane), his silent and weary wife Lois, and their three children, Family Guy is literally a family story. The eldest child Meg (Mila Kunis) is a social outcast who is pretty much ignored by everyone around her. And, the youngest Stewie, is an evil genius bent on destroying the world along with his mother. The various adventures of these peculiar characters alongwith the talking dog Brian are what hinges the audience and keeps the story relevant after all these years.

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4. Bob’s Burgers (2011-Present)

Fans of H. Jon Benjamin look no further because Bob’s Burgers is here. Another one of Benjamin’s brilliant portrayal of an animated character, Bob’s Burgers follows the story of the Belcher family -very aptly named- who owns a restaurant called Bob’s Burgers. The burgers prepared by the owner Bob and his family are of the top grade and very tasty, but Bob’s children seem to be no help in making any sale to the customers. As a result, all customers flock to the competitors and Bob is left wondering if he should leave his family or kill them. A perfect combination of animated comedy and H. Jon Benjamin’s cheekiness this is Bob’s Burgers. Eat away.

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3. Rick and Morty (2013-Present)

Rick is a brilliant but egoist scientist bent on having his way in the Smith household. His daughter Beth and son-in-law Jerry barely tolerate him and his eccentric attitude. However, Rick’s grandson Morty a not so bright teen with a firm moral grounding and naivete embedded in him grows quite close to his mad grandfather. Together this duo enjoys a plethora of funny and entertaining adventures throughout the multiverse that Rick has discovered through his travels. Wading through the experiences of the endless universes, this grandpa grandson pair is sure to whet your animated series appetite.

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2. Beavis and Butthead (1993-2011)

If you’re looking for an animated series which can leave you in splits just like Archer you can’t afford to miss this legendary series called Beavis and Butthead. Originally broadcasted on MTV, this series is a classic that every 90s kid would remember as being their respite from all the heavy book lifting. It follows two delinquent teenagers called Beavis and Butthead who with no adult supervision whatsoever, manage to live their life on a regular and shall I say a heavy dose of TV and music videos. For them, everything that follows their set ‘coolness’ rules is cool; otherwise, it sucks. A simple, funny, and ultra-entertaining series Beavis and Butthead is a perfect substitute for a series like Archer.

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1. The Simpsons (1989-Present)

Taking place in the fictional Springfield town of Middle America, The Simpsons is an animated story running on the television screens since 1989. Yup, it has been a long time, yet this funny and quirky animated series is still as relevant and entertaining as its first day. Working in a floating timeline fashion, the story is centered around the Simpson family who can’t help but find themselves in trouble now and then. The father Homer is a safety inspector at a Nuclear power plant, and the wife Marge is a housewife who desperately tries to make ends meet in their crazy household. The three children of varying ages add to the show’s entertainment quotient along with other characters who come and go as they please. All in all, this is a show that has been displaying time and again that it deserves to be in the primetime of any channel that it is broadcasted on.

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