Body Parts’ Allison Vest: Everything We Know

Allison Vest is a renowned Anaplastologist whose medical skills made her popular thanks to TLC’s ‘Body Parts,’ a reality show that features people from across the country who have lost/damaged a body part due to unfortunate circumstances. In each episode, we see Allison work her magic and create prosthetic body parts that seem too realistic to be fake. Her clients on the show have nothing but praise for her, touting Allison’s products as a work of art. With thankful patients and unique creations, Allison has become a well-known name in many households.

Through the show, the Anaplastologist provides hope to those who might be looking for similar solutions but are not sure how to proceed. The stories of the people who have benefitted from Allison’s services are heart-wrenching yet inspiring, given their optimism and drive to not let their missing body parts define them. Thus, fans of this phenomenal medical practitioner must be eager to know more about her personal and professional life. If you are one of them, this is the place for you!

Allison Vest’s Background

Allison Vest hails from McKinney, Texas. She was inclined towards the subject of Arts since seventh grade and joined an arts magnet school. Allison obtained her undergraduate degree in the subject at the University of Illinois Chicago with in-depth knowledge and passion for the subject and went on to complete her BA in Art and Anthropology from New College in Sarasota, Florida. During her graduation, Allison learned about anaplastology since she was studying biology as well at the time.

The field seemed perfect for her, given the required artistic skills and the sense of fulfillment that a person can achieve through this work. Allison later enrolled in a Master’s degree program in Biomedical Visualization from the College of Allied Health at the University of Illinois Chicago as a part of a small class of about 14 students. It aims to combine art with biology and material sciences. The end result of the said program are professionally trained individuals with a unique yet much-need mastery.

Allison then went on to complete her clinical training at the University of Florida’s Dental School and the Morriston Hospital in Swansea, Wales. Her varied skillset and experiences allow her to provide the perfect care for her patients, which leaves them happy and healthy.

Allison Vest’s Profession

Allison Vest began working as an Anaplastologist in a private practice named Mosaic Prosthetics, based in McKinney in Dallas, Texas, in 2005. Her aim through her work is to provide her patients with creations that not only suit them but also make her proud. Given the sense of satisfaction that led her to choose this field as her profession, Allison strives to achieve that feeling every day through her work. Her desire to provide more to the field of anaplastology led to her buying the very practice she worked at in 2013.

Based in Texas, Allison’s prosthetics clinic provides custom services to the patients, who are primarily from Austin, Dallas, and Oklahoma City, though Allison does hope for further growth in the future. Her work has also earned her prestigious positions within the small yet amazing field of anaplastology. From 2012 to 2019, Allison served on the Board for Certification in Clinical Anaplastology. She has also been a part of the International Anaplastology Association, serving as its President from 2017 to 2018, and is currently the Vice President.

Allison’s many accolades and fame within the field led her to bag her own show on TLC. ‘Body Parts’ was offered to the medical professional after almost 17 years of work in the prosthetic field. Through the show, this phenomenal doctor showcases her exceptional skills and passion for the field that helps many who are looking for answers. In the TLC production, Allison also sheds light on the often-ignored field of prosthetics, their pros and cons and lets those who have lost or damaged a part of their body know that they are not alone and there are indeed solutions that can help them.

Is Allison Vest Dating Anyone?

Although Allison Vest is a renowned name in the professional sphere, she prefers to keep the details about her personal life under wraps. The proficient and kind doctor has not shared any personal details about herself on any platforms, including information about her family or partner. She seems to be focusing on furthering her professional career and not divulging matters related to her private life. Regardless of the situation, we wish Allison the best for the present and the future and hope that her show ‘Body Parts’ will continue to inspire many.

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