5 Most Controversial Anime on Netflix Right Now

Anime shows have always been bold with their depiction of several taboo themes; incest being one of them. Incest in anime is surprisingly so common that if you haven’t seen enough of these already, you’re probably not too familiar with the world of anime. As a separate genre, it is not all that popular and you can find only a few well-known titles such as ‘KissXsis‘ and ‘Aki Sora’ that remain loyal to the whole idea of incest. But there are several popular anime shows that subtly explore incestuous themes. Here’s the list of really good incest anime on Netflix that are available to stream right now:

5. Soul Eater (2008-2009)

Set in a fantasy world, ‘Soul Eater‘ is about a very prestigious technical school called the Death Weapon Meister Academy. This Academy is run by the God of Death himself whose motive is to create the strongest “Death Scythes” capable of destroying all evil creatures with ease. Now, these so-called Death Scythes are not actually weapons but are that possess demonic abilities. Once these hybrids are able to devour the souls of 99 evil creatures and one witch, they acquire the title of “Death Scythe”. Soul Eater Evans is another such hybrid who aspires to be a Death Scythe. He, along with a few of his friends from the academy, sets out on a journey to collect the required number of souls in order to become a Death Scythe. But this journey will be full of challenges and will also teach him a lesson or two about friendship.

‘Soul Eater’ is a highly popular anime and though it deserves all the hype, one big reason why it rose to popularity is because of its heavy use of Ecchi in its first few episodes. When it comes to incest in the anime, there isn’t anything directly implied in it. But many viewers have taken it upon themselves to create all kinds of fanfiction stories where they ship incestuous relationships from the show. One of the most common ones amongst these is the relationship between Crona and Medusa, who share a mother-daughter relationship.

4. Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995-)

Some might assume that ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion‘ has always been as popular as it is today but that’s certainly not the case. Initially, after its release, it was not so well known probably because of its futuristic themes. But over the years, it has gone viral for all the wrong reasons. People still appreciate its action-packed storyline, and several other aspects, like the opening themes of the show, have now gained immense popularity. Even the fanservice that it offers is clearly way ahead of its time and is still considered to be quite bold.

The anime also features an incestuous relationship which has sparked several debates amongst fans. This relationship is between Shinji and Rei who, in a way, have a mother-son relationship. Shinji’s real mother is actually Yui Ikari and Rei is just a cloned version of her. But genetically, Rei is Shinji’s mother in one way or the other, so her relationship with Shinji can easily qualify as incest. Even if you don’t agree that it’s incest, you cannot deny that it is one of the most twisted relationships in the world of anime.

3. Fairy Tail (2009-)

If you love long-running shounen anime shows, then ‘Fairy Tail‘ is one anime that you would not want to miss out on. Compared to other great shounens like ‘One Piece‘, ‘Bleach‘ and ‘Naruto‘, ‘Fairy Tail‘ might still have a long way to go. But over the years, it has established itself as an above-average show with a huge fan following of its own. Apart from all of its fantasy elements and amazing action scenes, ‘Fairy Tail’ is also known for its heavy use of fan service.  And if an anime has curvy girls and silly perverted gags, you certainly expect some incest from it as well.

Now I could be wrong about this but Lucy Heartfilia seems to be a product of incest. In the anime, she is the direct descendant of Anna Heartfilia who becomes the first Celestial Spirit Wizard to open Eclipse Gate. The other end of the same gate is opened up by Layla who is her mother. So for obvious reasons, Layla and Anna are related. But if that’s the case, where does Jude fit in the family? Because he also shares the same surname. This could either mean that he took up Lucy’s surname or it could imply that he is a part of the family and is in an incestuous relationship with Lucy.

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2. Black Butler (2008)

For the most part of it, ‘Black Butler‘ is a dark anime that revolves around a young boy named Ceil Phantomhive. He ends up losing all of his family members in a brutal mass murder and in this desperate situation, he is forced to sell his soul to a demon to overcome his weakness. Soon, along with his demon butler, Sebastian, he sets out on an adventure to solve the bleakest mysteries that haunt London and while he’s at it, he also aims to avenge the murder of his family.

Elizabeth, also known as “Lizzie”, is the daughter of Alexis Leon and Francis Midford. She is the niece of Vincent Phantomhive and Rachel Phantomhive, which makes her Ceil’s cousin. Ceil and Lizzie later end up marrying each other and as weird as this may seem, back in the day, it was quite common for cousins to get married, especially in the royal families. And though they are related to each other, they were betrothed at a very young age and never really saw each other as cousins. You might be a little grossed out by their relationship, but the amount of research that the creators of the show have put in to portray a fair picture of that time period is highly appreciable.

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1. Kill la Kill (2013)

Kill la Kill‘ is probably the first anime that comes to anyone’s mind when someone says “Ecchi“. The anime is all about impressive fight scenes that feature semi-nude anime girls who wear revealing body-hugging costumes. It also has a deeper motive behind its fan service and some fans even believe that through its depiction of nudity, it is actually trying to spread a message of body positivity. Whatever the reasons may be, if you’re into Ecchi, this is one anime you don’t want to miss out on.

In ‘Kill la Kill’, there are several instances where the anime has hinted potential incest. Some fans also proudly ship these relationships by claiming “incest is wincest”. Sadly, unlike the fan service, the incest in this show seems forced and quite often, it can also make you uncomfortable as a viewer. The main incestuous relationship that has been portrayed in the show involves two female characters named Ragyo and Satsuki. Later, it is also explained that this relationship could actually provide an insight into Ragyo’s misinterpretation of human love and relationships. While most viewers perceived this as fan service, it actually satirizes the whole idea behind it.

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