Bookie Season 2 Starts Production in Los Angeles in the Spring

The production of the second season of Max’s comedy series ‘Bookie‘ begins in Los Angeles, California, in the spring. Chuck Lorre and Nick Bakay, who created the show and penned the first installment, continue to write the series, with Andy Tennant returning as a director.

In the season 1 finale of the comedy show, Danny and Sandra’s tumultuous relationship reaches its breaking point. Sandra, who is fed up with the chaos of Danny’s life as a small-time bookie, decides to leave him and pursue a simpler life in Modesto, California. Meanwhile, Ray is preparing for his grandma’s wedding when the groom collapses, sending Danny into a tailspin of self-reflection. Ignoring the chaos around him, Danny becomes fixated on winning Sandra back, viewing the event as a sign. As he declares his intentions to Ray, he falls backward into the pool.

In the upcoming sophomore installment, the viewers can expect Danny to embark on a mission to win back Sandra’s affection after she departs from him. Determined to restore their companionship, Danny’s self-centered nature may drive him to pursue Sandra relentlessly, employing any means necessary. As he sets his sights on winning her back, Danny’s journey may lead him away from the familiar streets of Los Angeles to the quieter town of Modesto, California, where Sandra now resides. Regardless of his efforts to reunite with her, his character is unlikely to undergo a significant change, setting the stage for more humorous and dramatic escapades.

Sebastian Maniscalco and Omar Dorsey are confirmed to continue portraying Danny and Ray respectively in season 2 for another round of uproarious escapades. The core cast members are anticipated to return as well, who may include Andrea Anders as Sandra, Vanessa Ferlito as Lorraine, Jorge Garcia as Hector, and Maxim Swinton as Anthony. The upcoming installment may also feature fresh faces, with new clients entering Danny’s orbit, presenting opportunities for guest appearances and recurring characters to enrich the storyline. Additionally, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Charlie Sheen making a cameo appearance as himself in season 2.

Similar to the show’s inaugural season, the filming of the forthcoming installment is set to occur in Los Angeles. The vibrant city is also a significant location of popular productions such as ‘Palm Royale‘ and ‘Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire.

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