Where Was Rebel Moon Part One A Child of Fire Filmed?

Image Credit: Clay Enos/Netflix

Simply titled ‘Rebel Moon,’ Netflix’s ‘Rebel Moon — Part One: A Child of Fire’ is an epic science fiction drama movie co-written and helmed by Zack Snyder (known for ‘300,’ ‘Man of Steel,’ and ‘Justice League‘). When a peaceful settlement in a fictional galaxy ruled by the Mother World is believed to be under threat of a tyrannical force and its armies, a mysterious woman named Kora is the best bet for the survival of the village and its inhabitants.

In order to give a tough fight to the opposition, Kora gathers a team of warriors, including outsiders, insurgents, peasants, and orphans of war, from across the galaxy. With a common hunger for vengeance, they unite to stand against the Imperium and prevent them from returning to Veldt. The intergalactic journey takes Kora and her team to different colonies across galaxies, raising questions about the actual shooting locations in the minds of many viewers.

Rebel Moon — Part One: A Child of Fire Filming Locations

‘Rebel Moon — Part One: A Child of Fire’ was filmed across the globe, primarily in California, especially in LA County, Lone Pine, and Indio. Other locations that served as production locations include Hungary, Sweden, England, Scotland, Norway, Mexico, and Thailand, particularly Budapest, Stockholm, London, Manchester, Oslo, and Baja California. According to reports, production for the sci-fi film got underway in April 2022 and wrapped up in December of the same year. So, let’s delve into the details of all the specific sites that appear in the Netflix production!


Reportedly, the production team spent more than 150 days shooting ‘Rebel Moon — Part One: A Child of Fire’ in different cities and areas of California. A majority of the filming took place in Los Angeles County, with the eponymous city serving as one of the primary production locations. The cities of Santa Clarita and Cerritos are a couple of other places that were turned into film sets for lensing the Sofia Boutella starrer.

The cast and crew even traveled outside LA County, to the census-designated place of Lone Pine, which is located in Inyo County. Some key portions were also taped in the city of Indio, which is situated in California’s Riverside County. During the production, they even tapped into $83 million in qualified spending and tax incentives. During a conversation with Tudum, Zack Snyder was asked about a moment on the set that summarized his overall shooting experience of ‘Rebel Moon — Part One: A Child of Fire.’

Snyder explained, “(One example) in the making of this movie was when the drop ships are landing in Veldt, which was a set that we built in the mountains. We knew the engines of the drop ships would be strong when they were landing and would create a dust cloud. So we had a bunch of big giant fans, and we were like, ‘OK, we’ll point them down so they blow a little bit.’ We did a test and we were like, ‘That’s not enough.’ And so we got helicopters instead to come and descend super low, right over everybody and blast them with the rotor wash from the helicopters.”

Snyder further elaborated, “So we’re all there, I’m there with the camera, and the actors are thinking, ‘Oh, this is cool.’ I told them, ‘It’s going to be a little bit dusty.’ We couldn’t test it, because we didn’t want to blow the top layer of dirt away. But sure enough, the helicopter comes in, blasts just dust into every single crevice of every human and all the equipment and everything. I was like, “That was great. That was perfect. That looked amazing. And they were like, ‘OK, that was cool, we got that,’ I was said, ‘OK, so this time when the helicopter comes, it’s going to come a little lower, get a little more dirt. That was fine, but I feel like there’s more to give.’ But I think that once that happened, I feel like everyone kind of knew what we were going to be in for (for) the rest of it.”


For the purpose of shooting ‘Rebel Moon — Part One: A Child of Fire,’ the production team also traveled to England and set up camp in a couple of cities. They utilized the locales of the capital of the nation as well as the United Kingdom — London. The other English city that served as a filming site is Manchester.

Other Locations in the World

Additional portions of ‘Rebel Moon — Part One: A Child of Fire’ were reportedly also shot across the globe, including the city of Mexicali in the Mexican state of Baja California. Besides that, the city of Budapest in Hungary and Stockholm in Sweden also hosted the production of the action thriller movie. Other places that turned into film sets during the shooting process of the Zack Snyder directorial are Oslo in Norway, Scotland, and Thailand.

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