Bot It on Shark Tank: Here’s the Latest Update on Them

Bot-It has defied expectations and raised the bar for excellence by changing the face of automation. The company displayed the application of its tech product in season 15, episode 3 of ‘Shark Tank.’ Co-founded by Maurice Bachelor and Joel Griffith, the company offers an innovative way to streamline online tasks. With countless responsibilities on one’s plate, it isn’t unordinary for people to forget about setting important appointments.

To lay all such issues to rest, Bot-It allows users to create a bot without having to worry about coding. With innovation and tech at its center, the company caters to the ever-evolving face of artificial intelligence. Naturally, fans of the show have been curious to know about the brand’s journey after their time on the show. If you’re wondering the same, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Bot-It: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

In the hopes of creating a contraption that demonstrates utility and effectiveness, Maurice Bachelor came up with a unique tech product. Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, the brainchild of the organization wasn’t foreign to obstacles in his path. Nevertheless, the black tech entrepreneur continued to defy the odds and solidify a space in the progressive industry. Albeit sharing in the glory of several tech startups as a software architect, Maurice always wanted more. Ultimately, it was a severe car accident that propelled him into action. The life-altering experience urged him to configure a tech product that would bring comprehensive changes to the automation sector.


Along with co-founder Joel Griffith, Maurice channeled his technical expertise into the creation of the product. Likewise, Joel brought his skills in client acquisition and retention to multiply their revenue. Having worked with companies like Amazon, Snapchat, TikTok, and LinkedIn in the past, Joel brought an arsenal of knowledge to the table.

Quickly, the duo created Bot-It, a service accessible via an iOS app or a web app that supports Android. The procedure to access the app’s usage is elementary, too. Bot-It can be used by opening the website the user wishes to automate, then toggle back to Bot-It, where they can input the steps they want the bot to perform on the website. Several templates enhance the process for users who can book appointments and import data with relative ease. These templates are an exclusive feature available on the company’s web app.

Bot-It: Where Are They Now?

Signifying the ever-changing face of technology and progress, Bot-It continues to offer its consumers a unique space in automation under the leadership of Maurice Bachelor and Joel Griffith. The co-founders have managed to scale the reach of their unique product far and wide. While their appearance on ‘Shark Tank’ gave them a platform to display their consumer services, the company’s AI technology continues to change the face of the completion of online tasks. The company provides its comprehensive services through the Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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Their templates allow users to book appointments and search for products to log into the website without any bottlenecks. Bot-It has allowed users to converge information and create a bot within minutes without coding. The company has recently tied up with Turkey’s largest shipping logistics brand to create far-reaching changes. They are also projected to grow exponentially within this financial year. Maurice and Joel expect their company to gain over 1,500 paid subscriptions and automate appointments for several users. In the past, the company has saved more than 35,000 minutes for users.

The company’s official website allows users to choose between their Standard, Standard Plus, Pro, and Pro Plus subscriptions. With a Standard subscription for $9.99 a month, users can create 5 custom bots, fix golf tee times, book tennis, and pickleball, and get email support. As for the Standard Plus Subscription, priced at $25 a month, consumers can create up to 5 custom bots and book golf, tennis, and pickleball. This subscription also ensures email and 1 on 1 Phone support. Finally, their highest Pro Plus subscription allows users to create as many as 10 bots that can book games, Golf Tee Times, and even help you in camping.

The Pro Plus subscription costs $275 a month, for which users can also create a cancellation bot and easily make restaurant reservations. Besides this, the website offers a FAQ page for consumers who want to understand the intricacies of Bot-It’s mechanisms. In addition, the app allows users to make a copy of their bots with small adjustments and pause them when need be. Finally, the subscribed users also have an option to cancel their subscription through the My Account menu on the web app. With a unique solution that aims to save time and money and simplify tasks, it is apparent that several milestones lie ahead for Bot-It and its creators.

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