Return Home on Shark Tank: Here’s the Latest Update on Them

Redefining the scope of entrepreneurship, ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ features numerous business ventures that present the growth of their operations in a feat to secure investment. The reality television show features high-stakes negotiations moderated by investors who seek to gain a share in an ever-evolving business. The fifteenth iteration of the series features Return Home, a company that turns human remains into soil in a matter of 60 to 90 days by using 90% less energy than cremation. Their innovative and unique business model made us wonder more about the company’s growth. So, if you’re also curious and want to know more, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Return Home: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

After the legalization of Terramation in Washington sparked a conversation between CEO Micah Truman and his mother, Lexi, the business savant decided to dwell on matters of life and death more closely. Moreover, when a former partner also supported the decision, Micah decided to head onto the path of research. Before long, he found himself enveloped in the process and decided to plunge into its development. With the help of soil scientists, HVAC specialists, engineers, funeral directors, and embalmers, Micah discovered the intricacies of human composting.

Shark Tank' to feature WA-based terramation company Return Home | The Seattle Times

Finally, Return Home was launched in June 2021 with CEO Micah Truman, COO Brienna Smith and Services Manager Katey Houston undertaking an arduous journey across Washington to spread the word about the unique venture. The trio visited the Washington State Funeral Directors Association and other meetings to spread the word about their organization’s transparent funeral services. Besides offering an inclusive and non-invasive service to families, Return Home also curated a step-by-step procedure that made returning to the Earth even more special.

The team created a central Terramation Center and revolutionized the experience of funeral homes by commissioning a mural in the family laying-in area. Not just this, the team also added a building-wide sound system so that loved ones can recreate memories of their late family member by playing their favorite songs. In addition to this, the team decided to create a center that celebrated life and all its aspects. As such, they even added a jungle of plants to symbolize the continuity and circle of life. With these additions in place, the team managed to create a centralized organization that catered to the matters that ultimately outweighed everything else.

Return Home: Where Are They Now?

Elucidating the true meaning of life and its eventual return to where it came from, Return Home has continued to scale its growth under the leadership of Micah Truman. In addition to appearing on ‘Shark Tank’ and piquing the curiosity of countless, the company is also exploring other avenues of success. Most recently, the brand has gone on to become one of the three major organizations in the human composting business in Washington. Coalescing their ambition to create a unique funeral home with the passion to provide sustainable death care, the company continues to e

Most recently, the team headed to Vegas to present at the National Funeral Directors Association Annual Convention. The team has also presented at the Washington State Deathcare Providers Convention in Vancouver. Their alternative funeral practice does not shy away from discussing death openly and honestly. As such, the company also provides options for individuals who wish to plan ahead. Return Home is based at B PI Northwest Auburn, Washington, 98001. The team can be found at the office Monday through Friday during working hours.

Besides this, people can also find detailed information about the funeral home on their website, where they can also find the company’s contact and fax numbers. Despite diving into the depths of a difficult situation, Return Home has shifted the conversation to a celebration of life. Moreover, with an eclectic mix of team members who aren’t foreign to the processes of mortuary and embalming, the funeral home ensures that the final point in the lives of people’s loved ones is equally special and memorable. Naturally, we continue to look forward to all the ways in which Return Home eclipses the status quo.

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