Are Brandon and Sonika From Buying Beverly Hills Still Friends?

With Netflix’s ‘Buying Beverly Hills‘ being a reality series following employees of a global brokerage called The Agency headquartered in California, we get unprecedented, unlimited drama. That’s because while the luxurious nature of these realtors’ jobs allows them to lead a good life, the competitive aspect of the same makes it impossible for them not to have power struggles with others. The prime example of this in season 2 is actually between Brandon Graves and Sonika Vaid, two trustworthy yet relatively new agents amongst whom tensions arose once the latter was fired.

Brandon and Sonika Started Out Kind of Together

It was reportedly back in 2019 when Arizona native plus former dancer Brandon and Massacustaus native singer Sonika kickstarted their respective careers in the world of real estate. They’d both actually relocated to Los Angeles, California, to pursue their creative dreams, yet life had different plans despite them already having found some success in entertainment. We confidently state this because while the latter placed fifth in season 13 of ‘American Idol’ (2016), the former was thriving as an independent artist, only for them to soon also uncover their passion for homes.

Thus began Brandon and Sonika’s respective journey as realtors, with them soon crossing paths upon joining the Grauman-Rosenfeld Team under The Agency around the same time too, However, things turned upside down in 2023 as the latter was let go from the group owing to her seeming lack of determination and hard work to actually make it big in this particular industry. The truth is she’d fallen off following her break up with fellow realtor Kevin Stewart, driving her to not come into the office under the belief people had taken sides and hence miss out on many leads, deals, plus overall sales.

However, Sonika did have a saving grace in the fact she wasn’t fired from The Agency altogether, resulting in her realizing she still had a chance to prove her mettle as an independent agent. Though even that seemingly shifted once she demanded a shift of Brandon’s commission on a house sale – it was the home she and Kevin had previously shared, but her name wasn’t on the listing. She’d actually taken her name off all papers as she didn’t want anything to do with the past, yet she told Brandon she deserved a split of his commission once he’d sold the property as her touch had made its interior home-like.

Brandon and Sonika Aren’t Close Anymore

Because Brandon obviously disagreed with Sonika and refused to share his hard-earned money from the listing Kevin had exclusively given him, their relationship cracked in a way no one ever expected. And from what we can tell from their respective social media platforms, they haven’t been able to repair the same in the time since – they do still follow one another on social media, yet that seems to be the extent of their involvement these days. After all, while the former is presently spending most of his time expanding his wings both personally as well as professionally, the latter appears to just be dedicating herself to her passion for music and traveling.

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