Sonika Vaid: Where is The Agency Realtor Now?

While there’s no denying we first came across Sonika Vaid back in 2016 when she featured in ‘American Idol’ and ended up placing fifth, she has recently been garnering fame through something else entirely. After all, she subsequently relocated from Boston to Los Angeles to further pursue her career in music, only to discover her immense passion for the world of real estate. That’s how she ended up joining The Agency as an Executive Assistant in 2019, which gradually helped her evolve into an agent as well as a cast member of Netflix’s ‘Buying Beverly Hills’ – although her journey hasn’t been smooth.

Sonika Vaid was Fired

When Sonika was hired by Kevin Stewart as his Executive Assistant/Junior Agent at The Agency in March 2019, she had no idea she’d end up falling head over heels in love with him. She knew for a fact he’d already dated a few people in the office and was recently single, yet despite her admitted insecurities, she couldn’t help the way she felt and thus began their relationship. The truth is this duo genuinely got so serious so quickly they even bought a house together in the hopes of settling down one day soon, unaware life had other plans for them as they’d separate sometime in 2023.

That’s when Sonika began feeling as if everyone in the office had taken Kevin’s side and began showing up less and less, which obviously had a massive impact on her career as well. Since she was just starting out and learning the ropes, this musician-turned-realtor began missing out on a lot of leads, deals, plus overall sales by not actually physically coming into work despite her desire to still be in the industry. Therefore, her bosses at the Grauman-Rosenfeld Team under The Agency, Jon Grauman and Adam Rosenfeld, decided it was time to let her go – a decision she was surprisingly surprised by.

However, Sonika was just let go by this team as a junior realtor, not The Agency – which means that CEO-founder Mauricio Umansky gave her a second chance to prove her mettle. He actually made it clear that if she showed him that she could work, generate leads, and make sales in the same way others with her level of experience had started doing, he had no issues in letting her stay on as an independent agent. Though if she failed to do so, he added, he’d have no choice but to let her go too because he does have a business to run – he valued loyalty and commitment, yes, but something had to be shown for it.

Sonika Vaid Seems to be Focusing Only On Her Music

It took Sonika a little time to get used to her new dynamic, but she subsequently took her dedication, integrity, knowledge, and personable communication skills to rise back to the top. She actually generated more leads by cold calling in 3 months that she had in the two years prior, which gave Mauricio at least some sense of peace that he wasn’t wrong in his decision to have her stick around. However, he was still adamant about the fact that if she didn’t make sales, he’d cut her off – yet then she created another issue for herself by asking Brandon Graves for a split of his commission on a house he’d sold despite having no hand in the actual transaction of it simply because it was the one she and Kevin had bought – she’d already taken her name off the deed and was thus making nothing from it.

Sonika’s actions were obviously shocking, yet it appears as if she has since taken responsibility for it and focused more on her career itself, all the while focusing on creating more music, too. In fact, from what we can tell through her social media platforms recently, her priorities these days appear to be traveling across the globe, enjoying her late 20s, and working as hard as possible on her passion for music. She’s not even listed as an agent at The Agency per its official website and she still loves music, so it does seem like she’s dabbling just in the latter at the moment.

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