Why Did Farrah Aldjufrie and Alex Manos From Buying Beverly Hills Break Up?

Image Credit: Farrah Brittany/Instagram

If there’s one thing real estate-based reality shows like Netflix’s ‘Buying Beverly Hills’ make clear, it’s that finding a balance between one’s personal and professional life is incredibly crucial. After all, as Farrah Aldjufrie said in season 1, you don’t want to be hung up on someone or something for too long, only to realize years have passed without you actually receiving the appreciation you deserve. Unfortunately, though, that’s precisely what happened for this relator in her relationship with Alex Manos — so now, if you simply wish to learn more about them as well as their unexpected split, we’ve got the details for you.

Farrah and Alex’s Timelines Never Aligned

It was around 2017 that Farrah came across self-made entrepreneur Alex (the brains behind Beverly Hills Car Club, apparently the #1 dealership worldwide for classic European vehicles) at a local party in California. This chance encounter soon led to a date, just for it to quickly evolve into a serious relationship and her falling head over heels for his confidence, his work ethic, and his passionate ambitions. “He has huge goals in life,” the senior broker at The Agency family firm proudly said in season 1 of the docu-soap at one point. “…He literally is working every day towards those goals; it’s very inspiring to me.”

Image Credit: Farrah Brittany/Instagram

However, more importantly, Farrah admitted they’re “truly happy,” in part because they not only love each other but also have the same dreams for their future — even if she’s on the fast track. “I’m ready for the next chapter of my life,” she expressed. “I’m ready for everything that a woman would want. The marriage, the kids, the warm home with all the chaos and all the fun. I feel like just there’s something missing in my life, and I’m ready to get to that next stage.” The truth is he wanted to wait, yet this then-32-year-old was hoping her boyfriend would propose sooner rather than later since she’s quite traditional when it comes to wedding ideologies.

In other words, Farrah has always wanted to follow the norm of tying the knot before moving in with her love for good and seriously trying for kids with him, which Alex ostensibly knew early on. Nevertheless, once she tried to express the same again, he gave her such short, twisted, vague answers that it almost felt like he could be stringing her along despite four long years together. “But I’m the cat’s meow,” the realtor confidently declared. “I’m the full package. I have brains. I have a career. I have my own house. I’m a nice person. I mean, I don’t think he’s prepared to lose all that. If he’s smart.”

Farrah’s loved ones honestly wanted Alex to get down on one knee as much as she did, yet she didn’t really like it when they interfered, no matter their good intentions or growing beliefs. As it turns out, he soon surprisingly proposed during an intimate dinner at his/their shared home mere days after her birthday — October 31, also known as Farrahween — in 2021 itself. The fact he’d confused her beforehand by deeming this topic “everybody else’s issue” and tying it to the process of growing fruits made everything all the more special for them in their own way.

Farrah Aldjufrie and Alex Manos Called it Quits in 2023

However, as time passed by, Farrah and Alex just couldn’t decide on a wedding date because while she was over the moon about going forward, he still wanted to take things relatively slow. This obviously created a lot of tension between them, but they were trying to make things work to the best of their abilities – despite what it looked like, she insisted throughout season 2 that he was fighting for her. Yet by the time it was confirmed her parents had separated in the fall of 2023, even she had called it quits with Alex owing to their different timelines — she knew she deserved more in every way, shape, and form.

Farrah has admittedly never been one to reveal every detail of her personal life to the public, so we unfortunately don’t know precisely how and when she called it quits with Alex. Yet, with the filming of season 2 having primarily taken place in 2023, plus her public social media profiles, it seems like her ex-fiance stopped being in the picture sometime around fall. This realtor’s close, easy connection with Zach Goldman subsequently did give rise to a few speculations, but the truth is it appears as if she’s single at the moment and appears to only be focusing on her family life with her parents and siblings at the moment.

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