Are RHOBH’s Kyle Richards and Country Singer Morgan Wade Dating?

If there’s one thing nobody can deny, it’s that there has been a lot of speculation around both RHOBH star Kyle Richards and Netflix’s ‘Buying Beverly Hills’ star Mauricio Umansky since they separated in mid-2023. However, the one that keeps on resurfacing every few weeks are the dating rumors the former has sparked with country singer Morgan Wade, something even season 2 of ‘Buying Beverly Hills picks up on. Yet it never really specifies whether this duo is together following her split from Mauricio after 27 years of marriage or if they’re just going through an extremely rough path.

Kyle and Morgan Are Friend Who Met in 2023

It was reportedly back in the summer of 2023 that Kyle came across Morgan for the first time upon being asked to be a part of one of her music videos, only for them to quickly connect. However, the truth is this happened roughly a month before the news of her separation from her husband Mauricio hit the world, meaning they had already been having their fair share of issues. We actually need to specify this so as to make clear there was no crossover of any sort – the married couple had parted ways owing to them not feeling fulfilled owing to their busy schedules and not being able to give time to one another.

Yes, it’s true Kyle and Morgan kissed for the latter’s video, but the ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ made it clear during the season 13 reunion that the two women are just the best of friends. When directly asked if they are or ever were a couple by Andy Cohen, the former immediately said, “No. I mean, I love her and she’s my friend and I love her.” As for the kissing, she added, “I didn’t really know the creative behind it until I got there,” Kyle explained. “I said to the director, ‘I’ve never actually kissed anyone on camera, let alone a woman—or off camera.’ I was very nervous and anxious, but if I’m being honest with myself, I was obviously curious in order to say yes. I said yes for a reason, and you know what? She’s hot. What can I say.”

Coming to Kyle’s standing with Mauricio, while they still reside in the same home and continue to be there for their children as friends, the latter is seemingly planning to move out relatively soon. Though, according to sources, they “are at a weird standstill with each other. They both feel that if they have these difficult conversations, it will lead them to a definitive place of never getting back to a friendship, let alone a marriage – but that is exactly what they should do to repair their relationship. They have to change how they approach each other and their concerns.”

This insider continued, telling Daily Mail, “If they can get to that place, and talk together about what Morgan is to Kyle or if Mauricio is looking to fall in love with someone else – and not through cameras for their reality shows – they will get the answers they want and need. No one wants to be the first one to make that step which is why they are where they are now, separated and most likely forever.” We say separated because neither Kyle nor Mauricio has ever used the word divorce, and neither of them seems interested in it either. They simply wish to lead their lives and hopefully figure out how to proceed, especially with Morgan now in the picture, whether as a confirmed best friend or as a rumored lover.

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