Is Buying Beverly Hills’ Zach Goldsmith Still Married? Are He and Farrah Aldjufrie Dating?

With Netflix’s ‘Buying Beverly Hills’ delving deep into the real estate skills of the members of The Agency, we get charm, personality, and fiestiness of the realtors at every step of the way. Amongst them is actually Zach Goldsmith, who emerged as a main cast member only in season 2 but quickly garnered fans with his easy-going, funny, and mostly drama-free life. While the professional side of his experiences is easy enough for the world to witness, people have also become quite curious about the details of his personal life, especially his connection with Farrah Aldjufrie.

Zach Goldsmith and Farrah Aldjufrie’s Connection

From the moment Zach first came across our screens, it was made clear he was a family man through and through with a wife and kids waiting for him at home. However, this didn’t stop Ben Belack from observing that they had more of a chemistry than she did with her fiance Alex Manos, especially as they were struggling at the time. Ben actually even went as far as to call the latter a “bozo” owing to the fact he wasn’t jumping up and down to tie the knot with Farrah, something he thought any man should do since she deserved the world, all the while indicating Zach could be a good fit for her.

The way Zach and Farrah later interacted also indicated they was genuine care between them, but it didn’t appear as if they were flirting or crossing any sort of line considering they were both in committed relationships. However, things did change once the latter decided to follow her gut feeling and parted ways with Alex, especially as Zach then approached her to ask how single life was. He actually indicated he was going through a similarly tough time in his marriage as well and that talking to her made her nervous in a way he never had before, but it didn’t go much beyond that.

Zach Goldsmith is Still a Happily Married Father of Two

Despite what we saw on our screens, it appears as if Zach is utterly content with his personal life these days. He’s married to Jennifer Hamilton-Goldsmith, an expert dancer who works as a Choreographer for BlocLA as well as the director of The Floor Dance Academy. With her he shares two boys – Adler, who was born in March 2014, followed by Miles in May 2016. His social media platfoms are actually a perfect indication of the fact he misses no opportunity to spend as much time with his family as possible and is genuinely happy with them. He recently even uploaded a few cheekily cozy posts with his wife.

Therefore, of course, Zach and Farrah aren’t dating or otherwise involved in any way, shape, or form – they are co-workers and close friends, that’s it. They’re actually good people and hold a lot of respect for one another, so they won’t do anything to jeprosdise that either, especially with his having a family. Moreover, and more importantly, neither of them have ever explicitly indicated they have romantic feelings, all their conversations, their discussions, and time together has been platonic, which is all that matters.

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