Brandon Baker AKA Olivia: Where is The Circle Winner Now?

An undeniable opportunity to showcase one’s talent for communication, Netflix’s ‘The Circle‘ is a show that puts the idea of popularity to a unique test. In season 6 of the series, Brandon Baker decided to brave the waters himself, though not as himself. Instead, he donned the persona of Olivia, which marked the start of an on-screen adventure few could keep their eyes away from, and many developed an interest in his talents and life due to the same.

Brandon Baker AKA Olivia Used Many Tricks to Form Alliances

Entering the Netflix show at the age of 34, Brandon Baker was one of the many hopefuls who wanted to win the popularity-based competition. He disclosed that he was a Nursing Assistant who helped around many employees in his hospital. Referring to himself as an “adult Cabbage Patch Kid,” he talked about how he has always struggled with growing any facial hair and now has a bald spot on his head. For the show, Brandon decided that he was going to impersonate a young woman named Olivia. The lady in question is actually a friend with whom he is apparently very close.

“Since I have the brains and the personality, Olivia, for me, has the body-ody-ody,” he explained his reasons, confident that his sense of humor combined with Olivia’s attractiveness would sure be the formula for success when it comes to forming alliances and rising to the top. To create a persona of a down-to-earth woman, Brandon was determined to make a good impression on other cast members. However, the initial attempts seemingly did not work out well, as many other contestants thought Olivia to be shy and did not seem to think of her as someone they would really form a connection with.

As time progressed, Brandon was indeed able to form alliances as Olivia with people like Steffi Hill, but he was highly disappointed when one of his allies left the game. Brandon’s strategy to not attract too much attention to Olivia while also maintaining his cover did seem to work for a significant time. While not many could claim that they had a great connection with Olivia in the starting phase of the experiment, she was also not suspected to possibly be an Artificial Intelligence program when the contestants learned that one of them was not even a human.

Though acting as a decoy, Brandon was also able to form a good bond with other female contestants in the competition. Yet as time passed by, what truly landed Olivia alliances was the heart with which she played, which was all Brandon, even if it meant disclosing his tough past or the fact his father died when he was just a young boy. Thanks to a Ride or Die alliance with Myles Reed, Brandon actually became highly popular and was voted as the Super Secret Influencer during the last ratings before the finale.

Despite his past alliance with Myles, Brandon felt like his strong connection with others, especially QT, may become detrimental to his place in the competition. Hence, QT chose to block him. As a result, he became part of the finals as a top 5 performer. Soon, all the contestants met each other face to face, and everyone was shocked that Olivia was actually Brandon. Soon enough, the results were announced, and Brandon was declared as the winner.

Brandon Baker AKA Olivia is a Nursing Assistant Today

Through thick and thin, it seems like Brandon Baker always enjoys being in the company of those he holds dear. The reality TV star’s ability to make friends and hold on to them is quite evident to anyone who knows even a little about him. His sense of humor is certainly something his friends seem to appreciate, given how many of them took delight in the fact that he decided to be a part of the Netflix show. It’s evident he’s proud of his experiences, especially given his victory at the end.

A resident of Columbus, Ohio, Brandon has studied hard to obtain his qualification and now works as a nursing student. Though he referred to himself as the “hospital b—-h,” it also highlights that he is always happy to assist his co-workers. He is also on good terms with Claudia Caminiti, his dear friend whose photographs Brandon had used to come up with Olivia. The real lady behind the beautiful face seems open to all the fame that has been coming her way.

He is part of the LGBTQ+ community as a gay man and a staunch advocate for equal rights for all members of the community. Confident in his sense of humor, Brandon has apparently also worked on some stand-up shows and is quite proud of them. He is also close with his family, including his brother. The reality TV star is also an animal lover and often shares pictures of his pets. This includes his two cats (one of whom is Juno) and an adorable dog, all of whom are much loved by the medical expert.

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