Myles Reed: Where is The Circle Contestant Now?

In a competition based on the idea of popularity, even a slight disadvantage can often be the difference between victory and elimination. This was certainly something that Myles Reed was well aware of, given that he gave it his all to win season 6 of Netflix’s ‘The Circle.’ While not always successful, his efforts allowed him to form alliances that helped him stay in the competition for as long as he did, much to the joy of those in the audience who followed his journey with bated breath.

Myles Reed Was Unapologetically Himself on the Show

A Jewish man by heritage, Myles Reed claimed that he was also known as Yung Papi Fuego as an indication of his “spicy” personality. He claimed that he would often be late out at night parting and almost always was up until 4 in the morning. Claiming that he was an “either-you-love-me-or-hate-me type of guy,” Myles emphasized that while he never was one to start drama, he was also not someone who would not “stir the pot,’ should things already be in motion.

As for his profession, Myles explained that he had studied at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, through a fully paid scholarship. This helped him achieve the role of an AI Engineer, after he created his own major in Artificial Engineering. He had initially assumed that his work would help him detect some patterns in people’s interactions and hopefully catch some catfishers. It was only a bit further in the competition that he realized just how big of a role AI would still play in his life.

Upon learning that one of his fellow contestants might actually be an AI program, Myles could not help but be vigilant about it. Many other contestants were also hopeful that his expertise might prove crucial when it came to eliminating the AI. That said, the task was far from simple, and while Myles did have some of his suspicions correct, he also struggled to find out who might be a coded bot masquerading as a reality TV contestant.

During his time on the show, Myles was also hopeful about forming various connections. His friendships with others were something he held close on to, though few seemed to bring him as much joy as his conversations with Quori-Tyler, AKA QT. The latter dubbed herself Yung Mami Fuego and bonded with Myles easily. In fact, he was so impressed with her that he even commented that even if QT were to be a catfish, he would still respect her skills at flirting. Apart from QT, Myles also formed an alliance with Kyle while trying to maintain a bond with Cassie, but the latter turned upside down when he anonymously called her a “snake in the grass.”

Myles had thought it would be taken as a lighthearted roast, but he was very, very wrong – he hurt Cassie’s feelings, only to then sincerely apologize for it, not just to her in private but also by taking responsibility for it in front of the entire group. This was technically his second misstep since he’d already messed up by sending Steffi home instead of AI Max, causing eyebrows to be raised. However, with a strong Ride or Die alliance with Brandon Baker, AKA Olivia, and the Tres Fuego team comprising of himself, Kyle, and QT, Myles actually became one of the top 6 participants. Unfortunately, his time on the show came to an end when Brandon decided to block him, and he decided to meet up with QT before saying goodbye to the competition.

Myles Reed is Still Pursuing His Passion For Music

With a keen interest in the world of artificial engineering, Myles Reed showcased his skills quite well on the Netflix show. His job as an AI Engineer is undoubtedly a testament to his strategic mind as well as the ability to detect patterns. The reality TV star lives in the sprawling city of Los Angeles, California, and seems to enjoy the life he has created for himself. A social person by nature, he enjoys going out with his friends until late hours.

Also known as Yung Papi Fuego, Myles has a vested interest in music and enjoys entertaining others as much as possible. Some of his latest songs include ‘Cyclone,’ ‘Granite,’ and ‘Capone.’ He also seems to enjoy traveling around the world and often shares pictures of the same with his followers on social media. Some of the places he has visited in the past include Greece, Chile, Argentina, and Colombia. He has also been to Mexico, Brazil, and UAE. From what we can tell, he’s still close to his aunt and cousins, with whom he’d grown up after being kicked out of home by his parents at an early age. Since his on-screen debut, Myles has visited many of his co-stars and met up with them in small happy reunions. Some of the people he visited include Kyle Fuller, Quori-Tyler Bullock, and Lauren LaChant.

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