Lady Caress AKA Paul: Where is The Circle Contestant Now?

Given the nature of Netflix’s ‘The Circle,’ it is hardly surprising that the contestants have never shied away from creating an entirely new person to participate in the game. This is certainly true for Lady Caress, or Caress Russell, who took part in season 6 of the show as her brother Paul Russell. For her, donning the persona of a younger man helped her understand many new things and gave her an edge in the competition — Lady Caress’ performance as Paul did indeed align with her interests for the most part.

Lady Caress AKA Paul Tried Best to Fool Others

One of the catfishes in season 6, Lady Caress was determined to progress as far into the competition as possible. Immediately after entering the show, she started to make herself and her space a bit more comfortable and was ready with a strategy. She had decided to simply impersonate her younger brother, Paul Russell. The age difference between the two siblings is 11 years, and Caress claimed that he was well-versed in social media, which is why she chose to act like him. When it came to the relationship status, Caress decided that she would masquerade as a single man, even though the real Paul is actually a committed man.

She claimed that this would help her open more doors for communication but did express some nervousness about how to go about flirting with a woman as she had never done it in her life before. Additionally, Caress chose to highlight that Paul was a rapper in hopes of increasing his chances of popularity. Though she was impersonating her younger brother, Caress confessed that there were certain aspects of Paul that she was unsure how to proceed with. This was both because of the age gap and the fact that Paul was seemingly based in Los Angeles, California, while she was a resident of Miami, Florida.

While she had ranked last in the first popularity vote, Caress had been able to form a strong alliance with other male contestants. Things changed quickly for Caress when she became a suspected catfish. Many contestants thought that her answers were often vague and lacked an in-depth touch. When the players learned that one of the competitors was actually an Artificial Intelligence program, Paul was one of the top suspects for many due to similar reasons. Additionally, he ended up earning some rivals like Steffi Hill, much to Caress’ dismay, as she was afraid that too much attention on her profile might blow her cover.

Steffi ultimately ended up being eliminated, giving Caress a chance to make her connections stronger, especially with two new additions, yet it didn’t particularly pan out that way. She was the first to speak with Autumn Nielson by lying about the fact she’d been a significant player until then and spilling all the tea, but it didn’t particularly gain her any trust. Paul was ultimately included in the alliance Myles Ress, Quori-Tyler, and Kyle Fuller were building, yet in the end, with the Ride-or-Die aspect, he and the latter found themselves in trouble.

Both Caress and Kyle were given a chance where they could sacrifice their place in the competition for the other, though if both chose to stay, they would be eliminated. This led Caress to decide to end her game and sacrifice herself, while Kyle had chosen to stay. The revelation of her real identity did surprise many but it seemed obvious that the bonds she had created through the show remained as strong as ever.

Lady Caress AKA Paul is Now Thriving as a Beatbox Poetry Performer

Primarily from Dallas, Texas, Caress Russell is someone who takes much pride in her creative skills. Under the banner of Caress Creates or Caress Alon and the stage name Lady Caress, she has been providing her clients with a variety of services for over 12 years. Throughout her career, the Arizona State University graduate has worked as a Creative Director, Voice Actor, Show Host, and Creative Writer. All of these are positions that the reality TV star enjoys, and she is proud of her expertise in the same. In fact, since August 2013, she has served as the Creative Director of Neon Entertainment.

Caress has also visited more than 200 colleges and universities on her own to perform her beatbox poetry show. She is also known for working alongside various institutes to organize different forms of workshops that cover both educational and entertainment purposes. She has also appeared on Arizona PBS as the  Talk Show Host of ‘Break It Down’ from November 2020 to December 2021. More than anything, the spoken word poet strives to establish a good connection with all who are in her audience. Some of her recognized works include “Bred For This,” which is a black history poem. She also served as the Writer and Voice Actor for ‘American Gothic.’

On a more personal note, Caress is quite close to her family, as might be evident by the fact that she decided to impersonate her brother, Paul Russell. The man in question is indeed quite popular on social media, with over 367K Instagram followers. More than that, his music has made him immensely popular, as he is the artist behind “Lil Boo Thang,” a song that has become highly viral, especially on social media. Needless to say, Caress is quite proud of her brother’s accomplishment and is eager to see what is in store for him and her in the future.

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