Steffi Hill: Where is The Circle Participant Now?

For Steffi Hill, Netflix’s ‘The Circle‘ proved the ultimate test of her gut instinct and apparent clairvoyance. Trusting her sixth sense, she never shied away from taking shots at those she felt might not be completely trustworthy. While this did land her in hot water a couple of times, no one can deny that her presence added quite a unique dynamic to the group, even though many suspected her to perhaps not even be human, primarily due to her vocabulary and consistency.

Steffi Hill Trusted Her Sixth Sense on the Show

With an interest in the supernatural, Steffi Hill introduced herself as an “evidential psychic medium and professional astrologer.” The reality TV star actually brought along a black cap-wearing skeleton called Herbert or Herby, who she proclaimed her “emotional support skeleton.” She emphasized that she considered the skeleton to be a good friend to her. Throughout her time in the show, she often pondered her thoughts while talking to Herbert.

While making her profile on the show, Steffi was open about her interest in astrology but actively chose not to reveal her status as an apparent psychic. This, she claimed, was so that no one would realize that her dead aunt was helping her in her strategy even though she “totes” was. She did mention her work as a screenplay writer and maintained that her relationship status was that she was happily engaged. With everything set up, she was ready to use her apparent sixth sense to guide her through the show.

Due to her captivating personality, Steffi was actually quite popular amongst her fellow cast members. She would lead them through group yoga sessions and even share astrological insights based on the zodiacs of her fellow cast members. While her in-depth knowledge of astrology impressed many, it also meant that many suspected her to be the Artificial Intelligence (AI) bot that was masquerading as a human amongst them. This was apparently because of her ability to share astrology-related predictions straight from her mind.

Additionally, Steffi felt that the person she knew as Paul might not be who he was claiming to be. Given that Paul was indeed a profile that Lady Caress was using to catfish, Steffi was not far off. However, since she had chosen not to share her psychic status with others, she was not sure how to convince others of the same. That said, she did make a dig alluding to this fact in front of others. Additionally, her rap that stated that Myles Reed might be flirting with Quori-Tyler, AKA QT, even though he was not single, did not sit well with many and earned her much distrust. In the end, with people suspecting her to be AI, she did become the first to be eliminated.

Steffi Hill is a Married Woman Today

Steffi Hill’s fans will be excited to know that the reality TV star is now happily married. The astrologer had been engaged when she came on the show but recently decided to tie the knot. In fact, she and her now-husband actually chose to elope and get married with only each other as company. The wedding took place at a beach in Kauai, Hawaii, with the backdrop of the event being nothing short of breathtaking. On her social media, she explained that she had accounted for astrology, numerology, and astrocartography in order to finalize where, when, and how she would be getting married.

“Eloping just us two was by far the best choice I’ve ever made. It was intimate, raw, sacred, joyful, emotional, playful, vulnerable and real. Saying yes to this union was a step in the direction of disconnection from the old family and the specialness of building a new one,”  Steffi shared. “My elopement was non-traditional, and that’s why I never connected to the whole marriage concept. My soul knew what it truly wanted & needed allll along!”

As always, Steffi’s belief in astrology and clairvoyance remains strong. She even gives Inutution and Astrology classes to those interested in the discipline. Additionally, she often posts content related to said disciplines on social media and has become quite popular due to the same. In fact, she has over 46K followers on Instagram, while her TikTok following is more than 81K. Under the banner of Spirit Sis, she also provides astrocartography and natal chart services. The reality TV star also has a podcast called ‘Psychic Scoop,’ through which she shares her knowledge.

Interestingly, Steffi is quite experienced in the world of entertainment. The Michigan State University alumna actually gained much fame in Southeast Michigan thanks to her time on ‘The Community Wanderer.’ in the past decade, she has actually worked as an actress in many projects, including ‘A Futile and Stupid Gesture’ and ‘Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce.’ She also utilized her writing and acting skills in the 2018 short movie called ‘Cat’s Outta the Bag.’

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