Lauren LaChant: The Circle Contestant is Now a YouTube Content Creator

The sixth season of Netflix’s ‘The Circle‘ features several intriguing cast members who have only increased the love that the show has been getting for years. Among those who truly shone brightly in this particular installment of the competition, Lauren LaChant stood out thanks to her determination to be her authentic self. Her insistence on having the backs of the people she considered her allies allowed her to become close to many and create a positive impact on anyone who watched her on their screens.

Lauren LaChant Used Her Streaming Experience to Her Advantage

Coming all the way from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Lauren LaChant entered the Netflix series at the age of 26. A self-proclaimed nerd, she shared how she is very interested in anime and video games. In fact, she confessed to playing video games for about 10 hours a day. As someone who used to stream her gameplay on Twitch before, she admitted that talking to people through screen would not be a novel experience for her, considering it to actually be a huge advantage.

Another one of Lauren’s major interests is to cosplay as her favorite anime character. She often attends anime conventions and has even participated in a brony and furry convention in the past. Proud of who she is, the contestant decided to enter ‘The Circle’ as herself without changing a single detail of her life. She even added her relationship status as “Super Single,” having just come out of a relationship. She confessed that she wanted to flirt and meet some hot people, though she added how she had been told that even her usual way of talking could sometimes appear flirty.

An undeniably social person, Lauren was ready to meet new people and “slay the day.” When it came to connecting with others, even through the barrier of a screen, her skills became highly evident when each and every one of her messages seemed to elicit a positive response from others. Not only did she bond with Kyle Fuller over video games and anime, but she also formed a close connection with other girls in the group.

Lauren’s popularity became quite evident when she earned the title of an Influencer after being chosen as the second most popular contestant by others. Though she ended up inviting the Artificial Intelligence (AI) bot named Max to the group, Lauren had been aware of this and formed a close connection with the person she thought was quite similar to her. While she did ensure that the opinions of others were taken into consideration, Lauren was also open about sharing her own thoughts, even if they did not align with what the majority might be thinking. She was deemed too nice after one point, though, which put a target on her back in the eyes of many.

When it was revealed that Max was an AI, Lauren felt disappointed. Meanwhile, she had quickly become a target of people like Lady Caress, AKA Paul. Through a compatibility test, Lauren ended up being in a partnership with Autumn Ann Nielsen, though that alliance came under jeopardy when she ended up diverting heat towards her Autumn, which led to many forming not-so-good opinions about Lauren. That said, Lauren also was quite close to the finals and was actually one of the top 5. However, she was a;sp the first one out of the race after the top 5 contestants and their truths were revealed to everyone.

Where is Lauren LaChant Now?

Given her impressive performance in the Netflix series, Lauren LaChant has found herself with many new fans. Even before she made her television debut, those close to the reality TV star were quite happy that she had gotten this opportunity. Though Lauren is not a streamer anymore, she does have a YouTube channel called Lu, where she last posted a video as recently as February 26, 2024. This was the second video on the channel, her first talking about how she wanted to grow herself on YouTube.

Lauren has discussed how she wants to make content that would allow her to talk to her heart’s content, as she feels that she is better as a candid speaker. Though she confessed that she was quite scared of the pressure to make videos for the platform, she wanted to start and make her dreams come true. She admitted that while being an influencer might seem like a dream job, she knew that actually ensuring a successful career in the line was not easy.

Apart from content creation, Lauren remains a massive fan of anime. In fact, in November 2023, she attended a convention in New York dressed as Kagome Higurashi from ‘Inuyasha.’ Many of her friends also share her interests, which has allowed her to share her joy and ideas with them. She also met up with Myles Reed while the latter was in New York and even poked fun at their time on the game through funny videos.

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