Quori-Tyler Bullock AKA QT: Where is The Circle Contestant Now?

Netflix’s ‘The Circle‘ is a competition that has allowed various individuals to shine through based on their ability to communicate with others. Season 6 saw Quori-Tyler Bullock, AKA QT, establishing herself in a pre-existing dynamic smoothly and forming connections that would help her stay afloat for a long time. Her frankly impressive performance, combined with her charming personality and determination, made her one of the most prominent contestants in this particular installment of the series.

Quori-Tyler Bullock AKA QT Utilized Her Prior Knowledge of the Show to Formulize a Gameplan

A self-proclaimed “Circle superfan,” Quori-Tyler Bullock AKA QT claimed that she was sure to win season 6. “I have watched every single episode about four times each,” she shared. “The Circle, it’s in my blood.” The reality TV star had previously worked as a dancer for a team in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Though she stated that she could not disclose the name of the team, it was quite evident that she had been associated with the Los Angeles Lakers in the past.

Having been chosen by Brandon Baker, AKA Olivia, to be a part of the show, QT entered the show as herself. She claimed that she would be playing the game with her mind and ensure that her strategies would help her become the winner. She explained each and every single detail in her bio as to how it could help her in the competition. She had added her interest in books in order to attract fellow bibliophiles and set a flirty tone in order to not appear as strategic as she was.

Moreover, QT claimed that she was “single as a pringle” in order to find a romantic connection during her time on the show. She was also well aware that this would likely also help her chances when it came to forming alliances. The apparent “mastermind” was indeed ready to utilize all of the knowledge she had accumulated over the first five seasons and put it to good use. Her entry in the show was certainly a dynamic one, and it did not take her long to find a partner-in-crime.

While QT got on well with other female contestants, or at least who were claiming to do so, her strongest connection seemed to be with Myles Reed. In fact, QT even referred to herself as Yung Mami Fuego, a play on Myles’ persona of Yung Papi Fuego. The flirty nature of their connection did not go unnoticed by others, with Steffi Hill even making free comments that seemed to be negatively directed towards Myles.

However, QT did not seem to hold any grudges, and her alliance with Myles became stronger and crucial as time passed. In fact, they gradually took it one step further and even connected on a personal level, all the while also expanding their alliance to Kyle Fuller and Paul (AKA Lady Caress) to ensure a high ranking. While she ended up being in a Ride or Die situation with Jordan Staf in the show’s later events, QT did not let that deter her from making what she thought were the best choices for herself, even if she had to suffer through the heat because of it. Ultimately, QT did make it to the finals but had to bow out in third position.

Quori-Tyler Bullock AKA QT is a Book Content Creator Today

Now living in Los Angeles, California, Quori-Tyler Bullock, AKA QT, is quite proud to have represented various sports teams as a dancer. Not only did she work alongside the Los Angeles Lakers two times, but she also represented the Los Angeles Rams three times. Her loyalty to the City of Angels is evident through her work, and the reality TV star seems to enjoy living in the city she calls home.

Apart from working as a fashion model, QT is actually quite famous on the internet. Exploring her love for different books, she has a separate Instagram account called Books with QT. This particular venture has helped her earn about 28K followers on Instagram as of writing. An undeniable part of “Bookstagram,” she is also known for partnering with various brands and promoting their products to her followers.

Through social media, QT makes sure that her followers are up to date about what she has been reading. Additionally, her videos containing advice for other readers, whether new or not, are appreciated by many. Some of her other passions include traveling and spending time with her friends. Recently, she also met up with Myles Reed, and the two seem to have had a blast.

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