Kyle Fuller: Where is The Circle Runner-Up Now?

Netflix’s ‘The Circle‘ is a show where the contestants are often known to use any tactic possible to win the game. While Kyle Fuller mostly stayed true to his personality in season 6, he did change a few details about his life that he thought might help him make more alliances. Accompanying him on this journey was his dog Deuce, the canine companion ensuring a lack of boredom. With how things unfolded, it is quite understandable why Kyle was able to capture the interest of the viewers.

Kyle Fuller and His Dog Took the Show by Storm

When Kyle Fuller entered the Netflix show, he did not do so alone, having been accompanied by his furry pal, Deuce. In fact, throughout his journey, his adorable pet helped him pass much time between various activities and conversations. Though choosing to use his real name and face for the most part in the sixth season, Kyle did decide to hold back on a few things when it came to sharing things with other contestants of the reality show. In fact, Kyle chose not to reveal that he was a professional basketball player, as he was afraid that the “stigma” attached to the profession might work against him. He felt that many might assume that he was rich or a “player.”

The reality TV star confessed that these were some connotations he did not want to be associated with him for the show. Hence, he opted to pose as a basketball trainer instead. Additionally, Kyle shared that he and his wife, Jackie Fuller, had decided that it would be best for him to claim that he was single while on the show. Apparently, the idea behind the strategy was that, if needed, he would be easily able to entertain any conversation that might be flirty in nature and allow him to form more alliances.

The decision did cause him some trouble at one point in the game when he was unable to share a picture as per the requirements of the activity due to the fact that he had his wedding ring on in the game. So, apart from the two significant changes to his profile, Kyle had opted to mostly be himself. He easily formed a connection with his fellow male players and almost always tempered his actions with a healthy dose of caution. Moreover, following a bit of a rivalry, he even got close to Olivia (played by Brandon) and shared the fact that he’d lost his father at a young age. While he was always firm in his alliances, he was also open to the possibility that people he had chosen to trust might not be who they were claiming to be. For the most part, though, Kyle remained a happy and energetic man whose presence entertained many.

The bonds that Kyle created on the show did end up benefitting him. His Ride or Die alliance with Lady Caress, AKA Paul, was threatened with a possibility of dual elimination, but Caress’ decision to sacrifice herself for Kyle helped the latter stay in the game. He also became part of the group called Tres Fuego, which comprised Myles Reed, Quori-Tyler, AKA QT, and Kyle himself. Additionally, Kyle was able to sort out his rivalry with Brandon, who became a strong ally. In the end, not only did Kyle reach the finals, but he even landed a position in the top 2, only to be defeated by Brandon.

Kyle Fuller is Enjoying a Blissful Married Life

On both professional and personal fronts of his life, Kyle Fuller seems to be doing quite well. The reality TV star is certainly thriving in his basketball career and is a prominent player in Liga Uruguaya de Básquetbol (AKA the Uruguayan Basketball League). Since 2022, he has been playing for Club Atlético Aguada, which is often referred to as Aguada. Specifically, the Vanderbilt alumnus is a point guard for his team. In the past, he has also played for Novo Basquete Brasil (AKA the New Basketball Brazil).

An alumnus of Vanderbilt University, he studied at the university from 2010 to 2014 and earned a bachelor’s degree in Crime and Society. He was also a part of the institute’s basketball team and served as a Point Guard. Since April 2014, he has been the Founder of ZoomFuller Media. Through the company, he has been exploring his skills as an Author and is in the process of self-publishing his book called ‘Below The Rim,’ which is meant to be a raw account of the life of a Division 1 athlete. Additionally, he is a social media motivator who uses his platform to spread positive messages.

Though originally from Compton, California, Kyle is now a proud resident of Miami, Florida, where he seems to have built a beautiful life for himself and his beautiful wife, Jackie Fuller. The two actually got married on July 10, 2022, and have since been enjoying their time as a married couple. In fact, Kyle never misses a chance to express his admiration for his wife, whom he seems to love very much. Given that the couple had strategized his tactics for the Netflix show together so as to ensure nothing could surprise or come in between them, they are certainly a force to be reckoned with. He also met up with Myles Reed quite recently and the two made several videos making fun of themselves and their co-stars based on on-screne venets.

Kyle is also quite close to the rest of his family. He shares a close-knit bond with his lovely mother, whose birthday he celebrated in November 2023. Through her, Kyle also has roots in Peru. For the most part, Kyle enjoys being in the company of his loved ones, and his gratitude for them, as well as his zest for life, is reflected on his social media profiles. This includes his wife, mother, brother Khalil, and friends, all of whom had happily expressed their support for his venture into the world of reality TV. He also continues to have a good bond with his dog, Deuce.

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