Cassie Saylor: The Circle Star is a Mother and an Engaged Woman Today

A game that requires a delicate balance of communication and diversion, Netflix’s ‘The Circle‘ is a show you cannot help but be impressed with. The sixth season of the series certainly saw some impressive performances from its participants, including Cassie Saylor. Her southern charm and trust in herself always kept her vigilant towards anyone who might be trying to fool her. She also kept her alliances close and handled them with care, a trait one cannot help but commend.

Cassie Saylor Considered Her Catfishing Experience an Asset

Ecstatic to be a part of ‘The Circle,’ Cassie Saylor came all the way from Manchester, Kentucky, to be a part of the competition. The player confessed that she had indeed acted as a catfish in the past, though her reasons were not what one might expect. She opened up about how she had married her high school sweetheart, which she deemed as her “worst mistake ever.” The Southern woman had apparently suspected her former husband of cheating on her. In order to catch her ex and have definite proof of his infidelity, Cassie decided to make a fake profile and talk to him. This allowed her to trap the man and catch him trying to cheat on her with another woman.

Cassie confessed to being told that “nobody would want a single, chubby mom of two kids.” Hence, she expressed with great pride that she had already found her “prince charming” and was happier than ever about her love life. Though she decided to go into the competition as her authentic self, she claimed her past experience would likely help her find other catfishes. After all, according to Cassie, “a fake can point out another fake,” and she was not above identifying tactics she had used while dealing with her ex-husband to find someone in the competition who might be trying to dupe her.

With an open mind regarding all possible alliances, she rarely maintained an active distance from her fellow players. In the initial phase of the competition, Cassie may not have been the most popular, but she also remained away from being at the bottom. The first-ever popularity vote saw her tie in fifth position with Myles Reed. She was also able to keep away suspicions of her being an Artificial Intelligence (AI). Her part in the women’s alliance and her decisions to be proactive in her voting ensured that the viewers at home got to see that she was willing to stand up for those she considered important for her in the game.

But alas, everything soon turned upside down for Cassie as her alliances didn’t pan out in the way she’d expected. Myles actually ended up stabbing her in the back by anonymously calling her a “snake in the grass,” only to later take full responsibility for it in a private chat as well as in front of the entire group. He asserted he thought it would just be a roast session and a joke, but nobody else thought so – in the end, she did forgive him, but doubts had already been raised. Cassie’s subsequent decision to flip her ratings in the hopes of ranking high didn’t work either, ultimately resulting in her elimination by the influencers.

Where is Cassie Saylor Now?

We are excited to share that Cassie Saylor is engaged to Nathan Teague, the love of her life. From what we can tell, the two seem to be smitten with each other and have been in a relationship since before May 2020. While Cassie has two children of her own, she is also a “bonus mom” to Nathan’s three children. Together, the two have been able to blend their families beautifully, and the five kids seem very much to enjoy the company of their parents and siblings. Based in Manchester, Kentucky, the family likes to go on vacations, especially during the holidays.

As for her work, Cassie has apparently been working at Signature Salon since February 19, 2020. Her skills with makeup and hair did seem to be on display in the show, with her being quite stoked with the mirror setup she had during her time on the show. Primarily, though, it is from her family that Cassie draws her happiness and strength. Her ability to genuinely care for those around her is something that her loved ones and fans appreciate very much.

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