Brett & Esther From Race to Survive Alaska: All We Know About Them

Set to compete in teams of eight, ‘Race to Survive: Alaska’ sees sixteen contestants battling out the relentless tyranny of nature as they struggle to find food and manage to ensure the basic necessities across their six-week stay in the wild. By competing in pairs of two, the reality survival show not only puts pairs against each other but also questions strength as they see through the monumental challenges presented on the coastline of Alaska. With a whopping $500,000 at stake, teams traverse the wild and dangerous outdoors with little necessities.

Whether it’s the inhospitable terrain that stretches for miles, the biting cold, or the sheer detachment from modern technology, ‘Race to Survive: Alaska’ has contestants navigating unchartered wilderness and nature at its most dangerous. Naturally, the teams competing in the show continue to draw attention for their ability to set foot in the most unforgiving landscape of the country. Among the contestants, the couple Brett Gatten and Esther Sanderlin have made fans more curious. Here’s everything we know about the couple.

Brett Gatten and Esther Sanderlin: Shared Love for the Wild

At 46, Brett Gatten manages Mammut Expeditions and Adventures but largely keeps his online presence private from the public. While Brett’s association with a travel organization keeps him preoccupied with the outdoors, his partner Esther Sanderlin is the same. At the age of 40, Esther Sanderlin finds her core interest in the wild. Brought up in Skwenthna, Esther’s engagement with the wild was only accentuated when she met her partner, Brett Gatten.

The two are based in Alaska and even participated in a Turkey Drop tradition started by the flying missionary Kenny Hughes. The premise is that people fly over remote communities during the holidays and drop a turkey from above for families on Thanksgiving. So, while Esther flies the plane, Brett Gatten drops the turkey.

Brett Gatten and Esther Sanderlin’s Profession

Aside from spreading holiday cheer to families in remote communities, both Brett Gatten and Esther Sanderlin are busy bees occupied with their work. While Gatten likes to keep his private life hidden, fans will be delighted to know that his website, Mammut Expeditions and Adventures, makes traveling the breathtaking beauty of Alaska easy.

Esther Sanderlin, on the other hand, is a realtor. As a mother, she does not just take care of her three children but also flies her own airplane. Growing up, Esther was homeschooled and as such, took more interest in unique hobbies and activities. Not only did she receive flying lessons as a teenager, but she also managed to get a license when she was in her 20s. Now, she flies her own airplane that she rebuilt with her father. Sharing glimpses of her aircraft named ‘Stealth,’ Esther Sanderlin’s wanderlust spirit shines naturally.

The Alaskan Connection: Brett and Esther’s First Encounter

The bounty of nature found in the uneven terrains and ancient glaciers of Alaska was instrumental in bringing Brett Gatten and Esther Sanderlin together. When the former moved to Alaska as a recent divorcee, he happened to meet Esther, also a divorcee and a mother to three children, on a dating app. Sparks flew, and the two shortly found themselves discovering more similarities. As of writing, the two have been together for more than two years.

As avid hunters and lovers of fishing, both Brett Gatten and Esther Sanderlin have admitted to their relationship being a mix of outdoor activities and how the same has prepared them to brush up on their survival skills. As the two set out to battle the unforgiving climatic conditions of Alaska for six weeks, their hobbies and interests in the wild are put to the test and become the leverage they need to gain victory.

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