Bria Fleming From Summer House: Here’s All We Know About Her

Source: Bravo TV

With high cliffs, pristine beaches, and wildlife sanctuaries lending themselves to the picturesque background, ‘Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard’ is only accentuated further by the decadence of parties, drama, hookups, and everything in between. The hit Bravo reality television show ‘Summer House’ first premiered in 2017 and has enamored fans with its elaborate set-up and scenic beauty. The spin-off is nestled within the bounty of nature and follows a group of young professionals on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, famous for its beauty and features.

The spin-off chronicles the relationships of 12 young black professionals in the backdrop of Martha’s Vineyard. With each individual bringing their personal cards to the table, the show has kept fans wondering more about each contestant. Since the individuals have been friends for some time before heading off to the island, fans have become more curious about their past. Among the 12 young professionals who have created an impression upon audiences, the one who has left many curious is Bria Fleming. So, if you also want to know more about Bria Fleming, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Bria Fleming: Ethnicity, Age, and Origin Story

Bria Raven Fleming was born in 1995 and has accrued a major fan following through ‘Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard.’ Fleming’s upbringing was in Phoenix, Arizona, where she met co-star Shanice Henderson as an adult. Later, she moved to Los Angeles, where she studied cinema at the local community college. While the 27-year-old likes to keep knowledge about family and where she was raised under wraps, the young professional does not shy away from relishing a lavish lifestyle.

With a special interest in traveling, Fleming often meanders to different corners of the world to behold the age-old culture and art of yore. In the latest iteration of ‘Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard’, Fleming reconnected with her best friend Shanice Henderson and even got close with other contestants. With her Daschund named Milo in tow, Fleming has enamored fans through her presence on the show.

Bria Fleming’s Professional Life

The fashion mogul is often seen flaunting the latest designs and vibrant couture on her social media. As a fashion entrepreneur, Fleming regularly uses her knowledge of the industry to showcase the latest trends and designs on the platform. Not just this, the young professional also markets a number of styles from renowned brands on her social media. Fleming had also been a Playboy Club Bunny, where she also met her friend and castmate Shanice Henderson.

In addition to a flourishing following on Instagram, Bria Fleming’s interest in cinema has also led her to expand her professional trajectory. After studying cinema in Los Angeles, she has starred in several productions over the years. From her debut work in ‘Hidden Secrets’ in 2012 to roles in ‘Heavens to Betsy’ in 2017 and ‘Room 203’ in 2022, Fleming continues to create her presence in the entertainment industry and cinema.

Fleming also owns a clothing brand known for curating accessories and the finest clothing. Her knowledge of fashion has propelled her to take roles as costume and wardrobe designer on movie sets. The reality TV star has also been a part of BossChics Films as a director since 2012.

Dating Life: Bria and Boyfriend’s Quick Connection

Bria Fleming met Simon Marco when she attended the Cannes Film Festival in 2022. Smitten with each other, both Fleming and Simon hit it off quite soon and have been together ever since. Fleming, who had been previously residing in New York City, even ended up moving to Germany to be close to Simon, who is also an entrepreneur and works as a brand manager in the European country. After his appearance on ‘Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard,’ fans have cheered for the couple.

The two regularly share photos of each other on Instagram and are known for their inseparable bonding. Both Simon Marco and Fleming refer to each other as pet parents and share photos of their Daschund pup Milo on their social media handles. As fans continue to look forward to the latest developments in their relationship, we wish the lovebirds the best for their future together and hope they thrive in their respective careers.

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