Brian David Wallenstein: Author is a Mount Shasta Resident Even Today

While there’s no denying there have been countless reports of UFO sightings and close encounters over the years, those from Mt. Shasta, California, have arguably been the most frequent. After all, as carefully explored in Netflix’s ‘Files of the Unexplained: File: Mysteries of Mt. Shasta,’ this place is often said to have a mystical aura around it that attracts various kinds of beings. Amongst those to believe this is actually Brian David Wallenstein, especially as he has apparently witnessed some strange incidents that can’t be explained by logic in any way, shape, or form.

Who is Brian Wallenstein?

Although not much regarding Brian’s early years or professional experiences is publicly available, we do know this reported Northern California native is a proud father of two grown-up children. He was thus leading a relatively stable life amidst some adorable pet cats plus loved ones when everything turned upside down as he witnessed an unidentified anomalous phenomenon (UAP). According to his own narrative, this was back in 1992, and while he was on the mountain’s east side alongside a friend — they’d made their way over that fateful evening to marvel at the stars.

“We were hanging out at the back of my pickup, and we’re lookin’ in the sky,” Brian candidly revealed in the aforementioned original production. “There was a configuration of three stars on – – equal angle of a triangle, which [quickly evolved into a]… portal. Basically, it’s a shortcut through hyperspace. All of a sudden, these stars blinked, and out of the center of it, it looked like if you shake up a – – a soda bottle and you pop the lid. It looks like there’s a rolling of energy.

Brian continued, “A UFO came out of it. It took a pause as it materialized completely. It did a right-hand turn, and it went directly into the side of the mountain. There’s a door on the side of the mountain, but it is cloaked well. If you looked at it, it seemed like there was nothing else there except a sheer cliff. Another ship came out 15 minutes later, and it did the same pattern. We watched for three hours; nine crafts came out and went into the side of the mountain. I was blown away.”

As if that’s not enough, Brian also conceded his belief that otherworldly beings have set up their base in our world to keep tabs on our growth, the way we function, as well as society as a whole “to stop us from destroying ourselves and maybe other civilizations too.

Where is Brian Wallenstein Now?

From what we can tell, Brian prefers to lead a quiet life well away from the spotlight these days, yet he does still seem to be based in Mt. Shasta, where he’s surrounded by those he cares for in every way. As for his professional standing, this cat enthusiast as well as father of two is a proud satirical, spiritual, self-improvement author with at least three published works under his belt as of writing; ‘Cat Tales: The Living Legends Series, of Kitty Pie and Her Wisdom’ (2005), ‘There is a Bug in My Tub’ (2011), as well as ‘Mount Shasta Sightings’ (2012).

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