Ryan Graves: Ex-Navy Fighter Pilot is Dedicated to UAP Research

While it’s true that conversations surrounding Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAPs; formerly UFOs) have increased multifold in the past few years, many aspects of it are still a mystery. That’s because, as indicated in ‘Files of the Unexplained: File: Government’s UFO Conspiracy,’ federal investigations are ongoing, and it all could concern national as well as international defense. However, letting go of any non-disclosures they might have signed, officials like Ryan Graves have since come forward to publicly discuss their own UAP sightings, encounters, and abductions.

Who is Ryan Graves?

It was reportedly back when Ryan was quite young that he first developed an interest in the world of technology, engineering, plus science, only for it to continue expanding as the years passed. He thus enrolled at Worcester Polytechnic Institute for a Bachelor’s in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering almost as soon as he could (2004-2008), which soon led him to the US Navy. That’s where he evolved into an F/A-18F fighter pilot, serving two deployments in Operation Enduring Freedom as well as Operation Inherent Resolve prior to an honorable discharge in 2019.

Ryan hence flew the Super Hornet off the east coast at Virginia Beach for a couple of years too (2014-205), and it was there that he witnessed UAPs on infrared, radar, plus visually almost daily. “In 2014, as we were flying around, we would have these objects brought on our radar,” the former lieutenant candidly divulged in the aforementioned original production. “We’d have all our other sensors on it… There’s only supposed to be F-18s out there. So we’d go out there and see someone that didn’t belong, it immediately stuck out. But okay, that could happen with commercial air traffic.”

“But what’s unique about these objects is that they weren’t behaving like aircrafts,” Ryan added. “They were stationary, they were very high or very low speeds, and they were out there all day, so who were they?… Over the course of time, as we observed these objects, the only natural conclusion we’d come to was that this was some super top-secret program that we were just not aware of.” Though once he realized these didn’t look like any vessel known to fly out from any nation, he began suspecting UAPs, just for it to kind of be confirmed when he captured the well-known gimbal video off the coast of Jacksonville, Florida, in January 2015.

Ryan continued, “The objects that we were seeing didn’t look or behave like our threat nations or our adversaries, and so it seemed to get ignored in a way that otherwise wouldn’t have been ignored.” That is until individuals like him publicly came forward around the late 2010s to reveal the unique behaviors of numerous such unidentified flying saucers they noticed in the clear skies over the years. Whether it be in front of Congress, The New York Times, Joe Rogan, NBC News, 60-Minutes, History Channel, or any other publication, he revealed his truth to almost everyone who asked.

Where is Ryan Graves Now?

From what we can tell, following Ryan’s Navy discharge in June 2019, he evolved into a Technology Development Manager/Technology Scout at BAE Systems for over two years (2019-2021). Then, he landed executive positions at Quantum Generative Materials (2021-2022) before later establishing the first-ever military pilot-led nonprofit dedicated to UAPs research, Americans for Safe Aerospace. Moreover, he also began serving as the host for ‘Merged Podcast’ in January 2023, prior to also securing a Managing Partner position at Merged Capital in January 2024— they both focus on the next generation of aerospace awareness as well as defense.

It’s imperative to note that Ryan is also the first Chair of the American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics’ (AIAA’s) Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena Integration & Outreach Committee (UAPIOC) at the moment. This particular program reportedly aims to serve as a neutral, scientific group that enables safer commercial plus military air and space operations, something he’d deemed necessary years before he even reached this point. It’s thus clear this Boston, Massachusetts, resident is now entirely dedicated to the mainstream exploration of UAPs through various sources, all the while identifying and furthering the public’s understanding of the same.

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