Morgan Moss: Myrtles Plantation’s Owner is Keeping Sentiments in Mind

Although the St. Francisville-located Myrtles Plantation doesn’t have a positive history in any way, shape, or form, it is now a global attraction owing to the many rumors of it being haunted. This much is actually even explored in Netflix’s ‘Files of the Unexplained: File: Ghosts of Myrtles Plantation,’ especially as it delves into not just the estate’s past but also its internal incidents. And amongst those to thus feature in this original to provide a complete portrait of this once-antebellum plantation is actually its current owner plus chief administrative officer, Morgan Moss.

Who is Morgan Moss?

It was reportedly back when Morgan was merely eight months old in 1992 that his family/parents Teeta and John Moss purchased the historic Myrtles Plantation, meaning he was raised in it. In fact, this Louisiana native candidly conceded in the episode that the sole reason he came to be the owner of this hill-sitting place is “because he grew up here. I suppose I was – – was born into it.” Though he is unequivocally proud, stating, “It’s a small, quaint, ya know, bed-and-breakfast-type community. It packs a mighty punch with a lot of charm, and there is a lot of character.”

However, according to reports, Morgan’s first love was motorcycle racing — a passion he’d developed right in his early years before spending most of his time on the professional circuit. It hence comes as no surprise that when he knew it was time for him to step back and rejoin the family business in 2014, he did so with no hesitation since home was always his haven. Therefore, he has served on the estate since, focusing on finding new ways to enrich visitors’ experience while also not diminishing the slave history so as to be respectful in every sense.

In fact, following a 2016 fire that destroyed their outsourced restaurant, Morgan worked alongside his father to develop an incredible expansion plan that encapsulated his true vision. This included a new open-hearth restaurant, six additional rooms, as well as a nine-acre kitchen garden “to enhance the experience of guests, whet her they’re traveling … or live right here.” He added, “We like the blend of old and new… Our idea is to help guests step back in time and experience the culture of this period… [These updates] will really help us elevate all the senses.”

Where is Morgan Moss Now?

Despite the additional patrons and press Myrtles Plantation has received in recent years owing to it also being one of the most eerie haunted houses in the US, Morgan is determined to do better. That’s because he’s well aware racial tourism is a thing too — “We’re operating a plantation property in modern day, and we’re modernizing it to the sense that it is here for – – for everyone and of all walks of life,” the St. Francisville, Louisiana-based COA said. “I’m not tone deaf to, um – – to the idea that that’s offensive to some. And those that it is triggering to or offensive to, I wanna know what can we do to it to better that and improve that.”

In other words, today, in his early 30s, Morgan continues to serve as the proud owner and chief administrative officer at Myrtles Plantation, all the while also being on the board of directors of Louisiana Travel Association. Moreover, this family man is actually still resolved to do good by everyone — something he hopes to achieve through his passion for traveling without being an absentee owner; which his parents were for 12 years when helping him pursue his racing career. After all, he believes that exploring different areas, “moving into someone else’s culture, and seeing what is unique and what it has to offer” would, in turn, help him run his own establishment too.

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