Netflix’s Brigands The Quest for Gold: Where is the Show Filmed?

‘Brigands: The Quest for Gold,’ or ‘Briganti,’ is an Italian-language Netflix series that narrates the story of a noblewoman joining a band of brigands to pursue freedom. The film transports us to a tumultuous period in 19th-century Italy when its southern lands are ruled by brigands. Filomena lives a comfortable but dull life and abandons it in favor of treasure hunting, following an ancient map to find a large bounty of gold. She is not alone in this mission, as the notorious local gangs, as well as the military, are searching for it.

As Filomena encounters a particularly patriotic group of brigands, she joins them in the quest for liberation, leading her down a dangerous path of treasure hunting and intrigue. Partly written and directed by Antonio Le Fosse, the show recreates the untamed landscapes and distinctive towns of the era, sparking curiosity regarding its real-world filming locations.

Brigands: The Quest for Gold Filming Locations

‘Brigands: The Quest for Gold’ is filmed across the Lecce province, Altamura, and Brindisi in Italy. Principal photography for the show began in early 2022 and was wrapped up for the first season by August of the same year. The visual gallery for the series is recreated in the southern region of Puglia in Italy, employing historical sites and the surrounding wilderness to take us back in time.

Lecce, Italy

The production crew set up shop in the city of Lecce, shooting scenes around it and also venturing to the towns of Melpignano and Nardò within the Lecce province. Known for its Baroque architecture, limestone buildings, and rich cultural heritage, Lecce is also called the Florence of the South. The city’s buildings date back to the Roman period, providing a visually stunning setting for the series with its antiquated locales.

Melpignano and Nardò are two charming towns located south of Lecce. Both locations are perfect for ‘Brigands: The Quest for Gold’ as they essentially take us back in time. Melpignano has a characteristic rustic charm, conveying traditional Italian lifestyles through its blend of rural landscapes and vibrant local culture. We can see the Palazzo Marchesale Castriota, Via Roma, alongside the Chiesa di San Giorgio church in multiple drone shots of the area. Nardò is a small town surrounded by deciduous forests, much like the ones seen in the series. It also boasts medieval architecture and palaces fit for the depicted time period.

Altamura, Italy

Located on a hill of the Murge plateau, Altamura is a small town proximate to Matera. Since being built in 1200 by the Holy Roman emperor Frederick II, the settlement has been surrounded by medieval high walls, also known as Alta Mura, from which it derives its name. The surrounding area is also known for its archaeological sites and unearthed cave dwellings from prehistoric times. With its well-preserved architecture, the locations of Altamura are a blast from the past that is felt in the Netflix series.

Brindisi, Italy

A coastal city located in the province of the same name, Brindisi becomes an important filming base for ‘Brigands: The Quest for Gold.’ Brindisi has been an important port city since ancient times, serving as a gateway between Italy and the eastern Mediterranean. The city’s ancient landmarks, bustling streets, and scenic waterfront provide dynamic backdrops for the show’s treasure-hunting quest.

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