Britannia Season 4: Renewed or Cancelled?

Created by Jez Butterworth, Tom Butterworth, and James Richardson, ‘Britannia’ is a historical fantasy drama series. Set in the first century AD, the show offers a fantastical rendition of the conflict between the invading Romans and the Celtic Iron Age tribes of the eponymous island. After Julius Caesar’s failure to bring Britannia under control, seasoned general and politician Aulus Plautius takes up the task. Aulus’ second-in-command, Lucius, is revealed to be the centurion who pierced the side of Jesus after the crucifixion. The Romans and the tribes alternatively ally with and fight against each other, as different faiths clash on the mystical island.

The first season originally premiered in the UK on January 18, 2018. The inaugural season became available in its entirety in the US on Amazon Prime Video on January 26, 2018. Over the years, the series has spawned a total of three successful seasons. It has garnered mostly positive reviews from critics and fans alike, with many praising performances, the overall narrative, characterization, action sequences, and elements of mystery. Season 3 recently concluded airing in the US. If you are a fan and are wondering whether there will be a fourth season, we got you covered.

Britannia Season 4 Release Date

‘Britannia’ season 3 premiered in the US on January 16, 2022, on Epix and aired eight episodes before ending on March 6, 2022. It originally aired in the UK and Ireland on Sky Atlantic between August 24, 2021, and September 16, 2021.

As for season 4, here is everything you need to know. The producers of the series and the executives of the original network Sky Atlantic are yet to confirm the development of a fourth season. However, in an interview shortly after the season 3 premiere, Jez Butterworth was asked how long he thought ‘Britannia’ could continue. In response, he stated that they had 2,000 more years of British history to cover, so he hoped that they had a few more seasons in them. Moreover, the official social media handles for the show dubbed episode 8 as the third “season finale” and not the series finale, probably indicating that the producers have more seasons planned.

If the announcement for the renewal is made in the next few months, the audience can expect ‘Britannia’ season 4 to come out in the UK at some point in Q1 2023. The intermediate period between the UK and US airing of season 3 was about seven months. Considering this, we speculate that season 4 will probably premiere in the US sometime in Q3 or Q4 2023.

Britannia Season 4 Cast: Who can be in it?

Britannia’ season 3 stars David Morrissey (Aulus Plautius), Hugo Speer (Lucius), Zoë Wanamaker (Queen Antedia), Sophie Okonedo (Hemple), Eleanor Worthington Cox (Cait), Julian Rhind-Tutt (Phelan), Mackenzie Crook (Veran) and Annabel Scholey (Amena). The cast also includes Nikolaj Lie Kaas (Divis / The Outcast), Liana Cornell (Ania), David Bradley (Quane), and Jodie McNee (Willa).

In the prospective season 4, Speer will probably not appear — except maybe in flashback scenes — as his character is dead. Furthermore, as Okonedo’s character Hemple is presumed dead, she might not appear in the next season. The rest of the cast will probably reprise their roles if the show returns for another season. If new characters are introduced, we can expect a bunch of fresh actors to join the cast.

Britannia Season 4 Plot: What can it be About?

In the season 3 finale, Cait has a vision of Veran and another druid. She later returns to the Roman camp with Queen Antedia’s soldiers. She finds Lucius, who tells her what he knows about the spear before Hemple kills him. But then Hample gets attacked and supposedly dies. However, Divis is revealed to be the traitor from the prophesy. Under the influence of Hemple, he delivers Cait to Aulus. The episode ends with Aulus and Cait in Rome.

In the prospective season 4, whether the final scene of season 3 is real or not will probably be revealed. If it is, the narrative might then shift back and forth between Rome and Britannia. Divis might travel to Rome hoping to rescue Cait. Meanwhile, the island tribes might make a final push to root the Romans out from their land.

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