Bruce Beresford’s The Place I Belong Starts Filming in March 2024 in Canada

Image Credit: The University of Sydney/YouTube

The filming of Bruce Beresford’s upcoming film ‘The Place I Belong’ is set to kick off in Canada in March 2024. Based on the life of late professional golfer Moe Norman, the biographical movie promises to delve into the intricacies of his life within the world of golf, depicting his journey from a caddie and bowling alley pinsetter to participating in the Masters and the professional tour.

Image Credit: Palm Springs Life Magazine/YouTube

As the narrative progresses, Norman transforms into an unsung legend, triumphing in smaller tournaments and setting course records, despite facing bullying due to his eccentric behavior. During the same period, he navigates the challenges of a nomadic lifestyle, occasionally resorting to sleeping in his car or sand traps at the courses he frequents.

Beresford boasts a directorial portfolio of over 25 films, highlighted by the Best Picture Oscar winner ‘Driving Miss Daisy,’ which earned over $145 million worldwide in 1989-90. He further secured a Best Director nomination for ‘Tender Mercies’ (1983) and an Adapted Screenplay nomination for ‘Breaker Morant’ (1980) at the Oscars. His extensive directing credits also include films such as ‘Crimes of the Heart,’ ‘Her Alibi,’ and ‘Double Jeopardy’ among others.

Beresford expressed that the central character Norman is delightfully eccentric and the story of his remarkable life and career, along with those around it, is told with humor, compassion, sophistication, and insight. He mentioned that he enthusiastically accepted the offer to direct such a fascinating group of characters and a story that unfolds both on and off the golf course. Despite being a self-professed non-golfer, Beresford found the project appealing due to the script’s skillful portrayal of the balance between Norman’s relationships and his sporting achievements.

David Carver, with twenty-five years dedicated to the project, serves as the movie’s producer along with Steve Krone. Additionally, Carver collaborated on the screenplay with Mark Bergen, Josh Schorr, and Todd Korgan. The script is based on earlier versions by Joshua Michael Stern, David Lee Miller, and Eric Adams.

The surge in Hollywood production in Canada can be attributed to a favorable exchange rate with the Canadian dollar and the availability of generous film tax breaks. Notably, several standout projects of this year, including ‘Priscilla,’ ‘Thanksgiving,’ and the Prime Video show ‘Gen V,’ were filmed in the country.

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