Brynn Smith: Where is The Real World Cast Member Now?

MTV’s ‘The Real World: Los Angeles’ is the 12th season of the reality television series ‘The Real World,’ which focuses on a group of diverse strangers living together for several months. The season featured a total of seven people, among which Portland, Oregon’s mixologist Brynn Smith became a fan favorite of the season. The reality TV star piqued the audience’s interest with her “razor-sharp wit” and confidence, and naturally, fans are curious to know what happened since the conclusion of her time on the show and how Brynn is doing today.

Brynn Smith’s Real World: Los Angeles Journey

The seven roommates reached the Palms Casino Resort suite where Brynn’s journey on ‘The Real World’ started. After coming out of a long-term relationship, falling in love was absolutely not on her mind. However, that didn’t stop her from getting freaky and wild on the show. In episode 3, Steven, Trishelle, and Brynn participated in a steamy threesome make-out session that made the audience’s jaw drop. Brynn was the only roommate who was not excited to throw parties at the hotel’s Rain nightclub as a part of her job.

Things got a bit out of hand when Brynn became jealous of Steven and Trishelle’s relationship, where she felt left out. She pushed Steven during an argument and once even attacked him with a fork. Arissa advised him to consult Brynn before deciding when he was considering kicking her out of the show. Steven and Brynn had a lengthy chat before he eventually chose to let her stay in Las Vegas. Brynn was completely unsatisfied with her nightclub job and decided to become a go-go dancer in hopes of increasing her income.

Later, Brynn found herself in a love triangle with Austin, a man she met back home, and Mo, a local man. She realized she wanted to be with Austin when he visited, and they made their relationship official. In episode 25, Brynn discovered that her mother had been sent to rehab after learning that she suffered from anxiety and panic episodes. Later, Trishelle confided in Brynn about her mother’s issues, and the two grew close. Ultimately, Brynn returned to her hometown to meet Austin in Portland, Oregon.

Brynn Smith is Working as a Freelance Bar Consultant Now

Brynn Smith has grown a lot since her journey on the show and is a completely changed person now. The only two things that have remained the same are her love for Austin Cain and Britney Spears. Brynn and Austin have been together since her appearance on the show and managed to keep their spark alive throughout all the years. They eventually got engaged in 2003 and later got married and reportedly have three children together. The mixologist prefers to keep the identities of her children and details of her current life private and away from the limelight.

In an interview with Fox News, the reality TV star revealed the current status of her life. She said, “I’m kind of a boring suburban mom.” She added, “Three kids all in activities, married for 12 years. I work part-time for an orthodontist, so my kids can get braces for free. I try to work out as much as I can, and when I’m not, I’m usually drinking wine with friends in my mom uniform — yoga pants, Uggs and a sweatshirt. Now, this is life in the real world!”

Now Brynn is a mixologist in Los Angeles who works as a freelance bar consultant for Bartending Pretty. She was the beverage manager at All Bright before starting her present position. As of this writing, Brynn and her longtime, committed partner Austin Cain are blissfully married. The couple, who together have three children, resides contentedly with their lovely pets in a suburban home in Los Angeles, California. We wish her and her family all the luck in their future endeavors.

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