Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 Episode 10 Recap: In Lament of My Wingless Body

In the tenth episode of ‘Bungo Stray Dogs’ season 4 titled ‘In Lament of My Wingless Body,’ when Yasano and her comrades try to complete the deal with Francis, they are suddenly ambushed by the military police. A mysterious Bloodhound member is involved directly in the whole operation, so the Agency and Port Mafia members join hands to ensure the survival of the former. Yasano is determined to put everything on the line for the people who have always protected her but when she comes across the ghosts of her past, she feels incredibly helpless.

Military Police Ambushes As Yasano Tries to Complete Her Deal

When Yasano and others arrive at the location to fulfill their pact, they see an ambulance heading toward them. They have already ignored the warning given by Ougai Mori at this point but other members of the Port Mafia still continue to fulfill their promises of the pact. Kenji is eager to meet Atsushi but when he walks towards the ambulance, a bomb suddenly blows up everything. It is later revealed that Francis was not the man who was responsible for betraying the agency. In fact, he firmly believes that Agency will get itself out of the mess and win in the end.

In fact, even Atsushi has faith in him. After the blast, Yasano and her friends get surrounded by the military police and a mysterious Bloodhound member plays a crucial role in the entire ambush. After Yasano and her comrades managed to flee along with Port Mafia members, they regroup and come up with a plan. In order to ensure that the agency does not die, Kenji, Yasano, and Tanizaki decide to go on their own ways. Meanwhile, Port Mafia continues to offer them protection.

Yasano escapes to the canals where Michizo Tachihara tries to ensure that the Bloodhounds do not reach them by placing a bomb on the entrance. He is confident that even if someone were to use their special ability to open the gate, they would immediately get blown up. Gin also feels confident but all of a sudden Yasano does not want any more people to get hurt just to protect her life, so she tells Tachihara and Gin that the two of them can use the boats to escape and save their lives.

Tachihara is offended by the suggestion and tells her that he did not join the Port Mafia without a spine. He talks about his older brother who was quite brilliant. Since people always compared the two of them, Tachihara grew frustrated over time and indulged in criminal activities which put an end to all comparisons once and for all. But because of his bad company, he was once caught trying to open the vault of a powerful group that later made him work like their dog. Interestingly, Tachihara ended up liking the work, and following orders made him who he is today.

Who is the Fifth Bloodhound?

All this time, Gin is quiet and when Tachihara approaches him, he gets stabbed in the stomach. Gin tells Yasano to stay away as the sword in his hand is acting of its own accord and he can’t do much about it. Moments later, he too gets stabbed and falls into the pool of his own blood. Suddenly the masked Bloodhound members show up once again. Elsewhere, Fyodor Dostoevsky tells Dazai that he is uncertain if the Agency members can even handle the fifth member of the Bloodhounds, whose special ability allows him to manipulate metal. This means that almost all weapons are of no use against him.

The masked man easily stops all the bullets fired at him and tosses the boat in the canal in Yasano’s direction. As the injured Yasano tries to get back on his feet, the Bloodhound member walks towards her. Interestingly, her fighting spirit is hardly affected by the physical pain she is in, and suddenly pushes the mysterious masked man against the wall. She then picks up the bomb placed by Tachihara and tries to blow herself up to ensure that his friends no longer have to fight the Bloodhound member.

But as she presses the button, she realizes that nothing happens. It turns out that the box placed at the entrance to the canal never had a bomb. The masked man that Yasano has been fighting all this time is revealed to be just a mannequin. She then gets stabbed in the leg and as she is trying to stand back on his feet, the gate to the canal suddenly opens. Yasano finally begins to realize what has happened. The only way Bloodhounds could have gotten there and known about every move made by the Agency was if someone close to them was working with the enemies.

This enemy turned out to be Michizo Tachihara, who then introduces himself to Yasano as the fifth Bloodhound. Tachihara has been working as an undercover agent all this time and is revealed to be the brother of the soldier Yasano has worked with during the Great war. Following his suicide, Tachihara has been desperate to take revenge for the horrors he had to endure and now that Yasano was right in front of him, he pulled his gun out supposedly to take her life.

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