Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 Episode 9 Recap: A Dream of Butterflies

In the ninth episode of ‘Bungo Stray Dogs’ season 4, Kenji and Tanizaki ask Yosano about the angel of death and her past relations with the Port Mafia’s boss. Determined to help her comrades, Yosano continues to march forward for the exchange set up by Francis and finally tells the horrors she went through during the great war days. The experience eventually put her in an institution where she was kept in solitary confinement. It was Ougai Mori who came to find her for his ulterior motives but found Fukuzawa standing in his path.

Yosano Opens Up About the Great War Days

After learning that Francis has set up a deal and has already sent Atsushi on the way for its accomplishment. But after listening to the situation, Mori feels that Francis has most likely found out their location using his special ability. Since he knows where they are, he can be benefitted more by making a deal with the Bloodhounds instead of going to the agency, which is on the verge of collapse. Although he is skeptical, Yosano is determined to help her comrades.

Yosano along with Tanizaki and Kenji immediately head out to meet Atsushi. On the way, Tanizaki brings up the topic of Yosano’s past relationship with Mori and the angel of death mentioned by Bloodhounds. Yosano finally talks about the time she was enlisted by Mori during the end of the great war to treat soldiers who were heavily injured during a battle. Most of the men loved the fact that Yosano was on their side and out of these soldiers one even gifted her a butterfly hairpin that she would carry with her.

Unfortunately, things slowly took a turn for the worse as the enemies with superior arms completely obliterated Yosano’s comrades. Initially, the soldiers needed her help only once in three days but there came a time when she had to revive them almost three times a day. This left a bad psychological impact on the soldiers, who slowly started losing their sanity. The man who had gifted her the butterfly hairpin ended up committing suicide which marked the end of Yosano’s role in the great war as she lost all control of her mental faculties.

How Did the Armed Detective Agency Save Yosano?

After the death of the soldier that gifted her the butterfly hairpin, Yosano-san could no longer hold back her emotions anymore. She then tried to sink the warship using a huge quantity of explosives that were later found with her. Following the event, Yosano was institutionalized and kept locked in a huge room. But she felt that even if the gate were opened, she no longer had the desire for freedom. This lack of purpose was probably rooted in the experiences during the great war that deeply scared her psychologically.

Unfortunately for her, Ougai Mori eventually found her location and tried to kidnap her so that he can again use Yosano for his horrible experiments. But before he could flee, Fukuzawa arrived to save her. While Fukuzawa talked about the importance of humanity, Mori was adamant that it has no place in war and the side that preoccupied itself with such considerations was the first to perish. Although Mori’s argument was somewhat right, the larger impact of his actions only made things worse.

While Fukuzawa stood his ground and fought Mori valiantly, Rampo surreptitiously ran away with Yosano, which was the agency’s plan. But Yosano herself did not want to be saved as she felt that wherever she would go, her ability will only devalue life. Rampo did not appreciate how seriously Yosano took her powers and claimed that only his ability can be called the greatest in the world while the rest did not even matter. He then showed the magic of his powers by giving her the butterfly hairpin that she has lost during the great war.

Yosano is moved by Rampo’s gift and then asks him what she should be doing with her life. Rampo is quick to explain how the agency understands her importance and also mentions that they are interested in her kindness more than her ability. In the present time recalling those memories brings a smile to Yosano’s face and now that the agency is on the verge of collapse, it is understandable why she is willing to go to any lengths to save it.

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