Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 Episode 8 Recap: You, A Child of Sin; I, A Child of Sin

In the eighth episode of ‘Bungo Stray Dogs’ season 4, Nakahara Chuuya rescues Armed Detective Agency members after Fukuzawa makes a deal with Ougai. Meanwhile, Atsushi realizes that the only way they can get back at their enemies is by finding Mushitarou. Because of this realization, he meets Francis whose Eye of God ability can be a crucial help. Although he agrees to help, Francis tries to make a deal with Atsushi that challenges his principles.

Fukuzawa Makes a Deal With Ougai

After Nakahara reaches ground zero, he immediately tries to rescue the Armed Detective Agency members. He does manage to get them in the helicopter but as they are flying away, Tetchou uses his sword and special ability to get to the chopper. At this Kunikida is questioning his idealistic nature and realizes that he needs to do something to save his comrades. He suddenly jumps off the helicopter in a manner that he forces Tetchou to fall along with him. He then proceeds to detonate a hand grenade in mid-air, while the rest manages to get away.

In the following days, Kunikida’s fate remains unknown despite several attempts to find him. Meanwhile, Dazai is taken to the secret prison where Fyodor has been kept. He purposely has gotten himself in the situation as he wants to figure out how Fyodor has been keeping in touch with the outside world and giving orders to his comrades. Elsewhere, Atsushi is concerned about his friends and wonders what would Dazai has done in his situation. He suddenly realizes that Mushitarou is the only person who knows about the Five Deadly Omens. Unfortunately, his whereabouts have been unknown.

In order to figure out where he is, Atsushi goes to meet Francis because of his Eye of God ability. But when he gets to his office, he finds an assassin trying to kill him. Luckily, Francis manages to force the killer to run away. But just when he is about to touch a pen in the wall next to him, an ability is activated that almost kills Francis. Luckily, Dazai has seen through the plans and already left behind a message. Kyouka has seen the message and turned on the sprinklers which basically made the fatal attack ineffective.

Does Atsushi Makes a Deal With Francis Fitzgerald? What Are the Conditions He Must Accept?

Francis survives the assassination attempt thanks to the timely intervention of Kyouka and Dazai’s foresight. After that Atsushi talks to him about the Five Deadly Omens and claims that the agency is innocent, contrary to what it seems in the videos that have gone viral since the incident. Although Francis does not buy the idea that the agency did not commit the crime, he is still curious to learn why Atsushi needs his help. Atsushi explains how Mushitarou holds the key to solving the crime and it is critical that he must learn his current location as soon as possible. The Eyes of God can be very helpful in figuring that out so that’s Atsushi needs Francis’ help.

Looking at the situation, Francis agrees to help but he wants something in return. Margaret has been in a comatose state for quite some time now and he wants Atsushi to take the help of his agency comrade to revive her. He then talks about Nathaniel, who he claims has become a pawn of the rats. Since only Margaret can kill him, he wants to use her to get the job done after her revival. Atsushi is infuriated by the suggestion and reminds Francis that Margaret is in her present state only because she tried to save Nathaniel in the first place. He refuses to accept the condition of the deal and is about to walk away when Francis stops her.

Francis then takes Atsushi and Kyouka to Margaret, who is lying almost in a lifeless state on her bed. Her condition has not gotten better and it seems things may only get worse if the agency does not help. Although Atsushi has been determined not to go with the deal just moments earlier, now he was not so inflexible. After empathizing with Margaret’s condition, he accepted Francis’ deal to find the location of Mushitarou.

Did Fukuzawa Allow Ougai Mori to Pick Yosano From Armed Detective Agency? Why Is Ougai Suspicious of Francis?

In Port Mafia’s hideout, Ougai once again mentions how Fukuzawa made a deal with him to rescue members of the Armed Detective Agency. But in return, he can pick any member of the agency. Yosano feels that Ougai just wants to get his hands on her. When Ougai confidently claims that Fukuzawa was okay with the deal knowing that he wanted Yosano, she could barely believe what she is hearing. It turns out that Ougai simply lied to her. Fukuzawa had specifically mentioned that Ougai cannot pick Yosano as his assistant after what she has been through the last time.

But Yosano has no idea about this conversation and is therefore helpless in front of the Port Mafia leader. Just when they are having this discussion, someone brings the news that Atsushi is coming after making a deal with Francis. When Ougai learns about this, he has trouble believing it. According to him, Francis is the kind of person who makes a deal with people who can benefit him in the long run. Since the Armed Detective Agency is on the verge of being destroyed, there is no reason for him not to make a deal with the Military Police instead. This is why he claims that Atsushi’s arrival could possibly be a trap.

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