Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 Episode 7 Recap: Dogs Hunt Dogs

In the seventh episode of ‘Bungo Stray Dogs’ season 4, Kunikida and his friends realize how the Armed Detective Agency has been ingeniously framed for kidnapping and murder by their enemies. When they try to escape, Bloodhound members sent by the government try to literally hunt them down. Meanwhile, Atsushi is still unable to free himself and just when things go south, a close friend comes to his rescue.

Bloodhounds Hunt Armed Detectives Agency

After getting tricked so smartly by Nikolai and put in the shoes of the culprits, Armed Detective Agency is declared to be the Five Deadly Omens. Interestingly, Rampo notices that the ability used on them not only alters reality but also changed their memories as if the events that they are framed for actually did happen. This puts them in a terrible situation since the government has an ability user that can read people’s minds.

So, when the armed police throw smoke bombs inside, the Armed Detective Agency knows what their only option is. They play dead and the cardiac sensor gives the armed men the wrong idea that they are not alive. But the Armed Detective Agency members leverage Akiko’s Thou Shalt Not Die ability to their advantage and manage to escape. Meanwhile, the government sends Bloodhounds to take control of the situation.

Although all other Armed Detective Agency Members escape, Atsushi’s leg is still stuck and he is unable to even more from his position. When he realizes that Military policy is there, he gets excited since he expects them to rescue him. But it turns out that they are there to get rid of him. Instead of helping Atsushi, they fire at him and since the Armed Detective Agency Member is defenseless, all he could manage to do is put his hand up and closes his eyes.

Luckily, Kyouka arrives there at the right time and stops every single bullet in its trajectory. She then uses Demon Snow to knock out every single one of the Military policemen and saves Atsushi from getting into any more trouble. The two of them then escape together, while the other agency members are also on the run.

Is Akiko Yosano Dead? Why Does Chuuya Nakahara Rescue Armed Detective Agency Members?

Bloodhound’s Saigiku Jōno and Tetchou Suehiro are patrolling the highway looking for the escaped Armed Detective Agency Members. Saigiku uses his powers to figure out the exact location of their car and soon enough they are able to catch up to them. When Kunikida and his friends find Saigiku sitting next to them in the car, they are understandably taken aback. When Kenji tries to use super strength, he is thrown out of the car by Saigiku as if he was weightless.

Junichirou is the only member sitting in the backseat with Saigiku, so he wastes no time using his special ability and forces him out of the car. When he is about to fall, Kenji is there to support his friend and help avoid any serious injuries. Saigiku reveals that he saw through Junichirou’s powers and it is useless to him but he still allowed him to use them just this once. Luckily, Kunikida is not the kind to leave someone behind and moments later hits Tetchou with his car so that he can rescue his friends.

While he does manage to pick Junichirou and Saigiku back in the car, he has really infuriated Tetchou at this point. Just when Saigiku is joking with him to find a new job, Tetchou cuts the car into two halves equal halves shocking all the Armed Detective Agency Members. He then proceeds to attack every one of them leaving them on the verge of defeat. Since Akiko’s Thou Shalt Not Die ability can be extremely critical in escape at this point, the Bloodhound members feel that they should execute her on the spot. Although Kunikida is desperate to protect her, Tetchou’s ability allows him to attack at strange angles.

So to prevent the recovery of the Armed Detective Agency Members, Saigiku orders her execution on the spot. Tetchou draws his sword and attacks her immediately but Chuuya Nakahara arrives in a helicopter and uses her Gravity manipulation ability to save her at the very last moment. It turns out that Fukuzawa had asked for Ogai Mori’s help in such desperate situations. That’s why Nakahara was there and according to their deal, the agency will give Port Mafia one of their members in exchange.

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